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    firefighter26 Guest


    Have we all forgot about the biggest potential customer to the billboard idea?


    Just think of it, A big red truck with "Coke Classic" written down the side of it running to a structure fire. Better yet, come christmas, they could decorate it with all those lights like in their commercials....

    Everything and anything is for sale today... why not the side of fire trucks....

    - Nike and Addidas can make turnout gear.
    - Campbell Soup can start building JAWS units (take can openers to the next level).
    - Sunlight Dishsoap can supply us with Class A foam.

    Sounds like some politician in an office found another way to give himself a pay raise; let corperate america pay for fire protection, the balance goes into his pocket.

    I will be the first to admit that we need to find away to increase budgets, but this is not the way.

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    Phildabox Guest


    Yep...I can see it now...Assistant Chief Smith, PIO for the Anywhere Fire Department on the six o'clock news after battling a pretty decent building fire.....

    "Yea...the old Bank of America E-One sure did a helluva job today. Gotta Thank God for allowing us to run a good clean all hands job and to our associate sponsors, Steefens* Weedwackers, Dicky's Donut Shop, and Jerry's Snowball Stand. We couldn't have done it with you. Also a special thanks to the boys over in the shops for giving us such an awesome piece today. You gotta love it when everything comes together for ya."

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    D Kelly Guest


    BTW, had to add that it's great to see people still have a sense of humor around here, rofl

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    RyanEMVFD Guest


    I can see it now. Engine rolling up on scene of a structure fire with a poster for "Firestarter 2" on it.

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    cozmosis Guest

    Thumbs down

    Coca-Cola would be perfect. You don't have to use any words at all... just make the reflective stripe down the side of the engine in the shape of the Coke contour wave. Of course, I'm joking. Advertising on fire apparatus is a very bad idea.

    << ffguy083 said: Come on folks, the Chief has indicated he isn't crazy about the idea, but if it was tastefully done... >>

    I think the fact that the Houston chief isn't closed to the idea shows how politics can come before pride. What I want to know is how ads can be tacked onto fire apparatus in a tasteful way.

    << ffguy083 said: How is this so different than renaming the Hoosier Dome the RCA Dome, or for the new Basketball Arena being called Conseco Fieldhouse... >>

    Those are entertainment facilities. Fire engines are not. They should be used exclusively to safeguard the citizens we serve and as such deserve more respect and better treatment than a sports facility.

    Visit the E&H Yellow Apparatus Gallery today.

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    nsfirechap Guest


    Used to have a semi pro hockey team here in Fairbanks-individaul players had to find sponsors and sponsers names were put on the back of Game Shirts - maybe the next great idea is to sponsor indivdual firefighters and put sponsors names on the back of Bunker Coats!!!! Only kidding.\
    Seriously - if this idea is really beeing considered - TACKY, TACKY, TACKY.....


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    ALSfirefighter Guest


    First I want to say that I'm proud to be on this board. I'm the only one that posted my idea of how I would be for allowing certain types of advertisements on the sides of the apparatus. I see that many of you are against it, and the type of ads that you posted I also agree (kraft mac & cheese, etc) is very tacky.

    But I want to ask one question. If a company, agency, or organization donated a entire apparatus and asked that their name be affixed "donated by," do you refuse the apparatus? Or for now on when your local power company or other "generous" company donates new AED's, SCBA's, or other sets of turnouts, do we no longer give them the PR bone in the paper, or public?

    Like I said, I don't agree with ads like on buses, but if it were for not-for-profit, agencies and organizations (Suicide prevention, HIV awareness, ASPCA etc.), I'd say why not. Its not a product ad, but something that is more useful. And if a company walked in tomorrow and said, I want to buy you a brand-new apparatus, and all we ask is that when you gold leaf it, somewhere on each side you have "donated by you pay up the butt electric company" in gold leaf lettering. I'd be on the phone with E-one and Pierce 5 mins later working on the specs.

    The above is my opinion only and doesn't reflect that of any dept/agency I work for, deal with, or am a member of.

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    comwhite Guest


    I read the article, and I find it ludicrous. Maybe I'm reading between the lines a little, but what I see is not beneficial to the fire department, but to the city's budget. While the Chief would like the money earmarked for the fire department, the Mayor says 'they will have input'. That's good, they can have their voices heard, but the ultimate decision comes down to the Commissioners. What they're proposing is nothing less than what Nascar does. A corporate sponsor will donate the equipment, and the truck will carry their logo. Just think of all the free t-shirts and caps ya'll are gonna get.


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    Ford45 Guest

    Thumbs down

    Sorry, but NO, thats all i have to say. HELLZ NO!! leave it to the city busses. Peace.

    Newtown Fire Association
    Station 45

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    firecat1524 Guest


    I see what you are a point. If a corporation donates the money to buy a piece of apparatus..then yes..there should be a plaque on the truck that says this...and every time the apparatus goes out to do fire prevention, a demo, should be mentioned. This is already happening all over this country...including here where I am. A local FPD's rescue truck was bought by one of the large industries in their response area. It has a tastefull plaque that says so, and everybody who stops by the station to look at the trucks...or looks at the truck on demos sees this. But IMHO to sell advertising space on apparatus would cheapen us in the eyes of the public. I don't know about anyone else...but in these days of the tax dollar getting stretched thinner and thinner due to tax freezes or cuts, increased costs, etc....I want the fire service to be the darling of the people when we have to ask for more staffing, additional fire stations, etc.


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    GREGP54 Guest



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    Joel McColl Guest


    I think it is a sad day when everyone jumps all over a new idea before giving it a chance. In our department we also discussed this idea about a year ago. Without puting any thought into it, that could make it work out to be a positive, my ffer's also let me know thier thoughts about this idea, very similar to whats being posted know. But then they turn around and complain because we are not keeping up with technology. But offer no assistance or ideas of thier own, or do not turn out for fundraisers. There is a lot of corporate money out there just waiting to be used by organizations like ours. All they want is a little recognition. If done properly I see this as a positive. We currently have a boat that was donated years ago by our local American Leigon, they have thier name on this peice of equipment in small 2" letters on the bow of thew boat, and a word has never been said about it. Our neighbors have a fire safety house, that was donated by the Lions Club, again thier name is on the side of it, again I have never heard anything about this sponser in a negative way. What makes us so special that we EXPECT people to donate to us without a small amount of recognition, if done thoughtfully? Our community has doubled in size in the last ten years. Through State and Local levee's, the funding is being spread across more and more city departments all the time, (police,fire,parks,roads, etc.) The old days are gone, this day in age, it is all about money and name recognition for corporate sponsors. I have dropped this for the last year in my organazation. But I was glad to see this come out in this forum, rather than beat this thing up, why not band together and come up with a good set of guidelines, put a large enough dollar figure on this that it will make it worth your while to investigate it? Just my opinion, obviously not that of my organization.

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    kcogswell Guest

    Thumbs down

    I think billboards on responding pieces of fire apparatus is a incredibly stupid idea. This will create many accidents, drivers reading the billboards on something moving let alone something responding to an emergency situations, will cause many accidents.

    The fire service is filled with pride and dignity, saving life and property, dont discriminate it by doing this.

    K. Cogswell
    Call force Greenfield (MA) Fire

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    nsfirechap Guest


    Corprate donors are one thing.....Locally Alyeska corporation has donated vehicles to local fire departments-vehicles have lettering stating this but it can in no way ne taken as "advertising" for the company. It is just an acknowledgement of a gift.

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    paets Guest


    I want to start right off the bat here saying that this post is in NO WAY talking ill of volunteer fire departments. I realize that in small towns across the country funding for the local fire department is in a critical state, but the fire department that is considering this idea is the third largest department in the country.

    In just the last two years this city has conveniently found the money to build a new baseball stadium, a new football stadium and a new basketball arena for the already wealthy team owners.

    This fire department has been treated like a stepchild by the city administration for the last 20 years. It's always some other city department's turn at budget time and "we'll get to the fire department next year". The City of Houston shouldn't be resorting to gimmicks to fund it's severely understaffed fire department.

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    cfr3504 Guest


    Can anyone say " TACKY ". And that's putting it lightly. We're a volunteer department, and need all the money that we can get from whoever we can get it from. BUT, we will not degrade ourselves by selling our trucks as advertisements!

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    truckie1794 Guest

    Thumbs down

    I have to agree with the majority of the sentiments being aired on this board. The bad far outweighs any possible good to be gained from this idea.

    The City of Houston, led by a long line of people without the competence to decide right versus politics, has consistently let the needs of public safety slide. The current joker favors the police to no end. At a time when the Houston Fire Dept needs to pull itself up by it's bootstraps to clear up a bad image problem, putting ads on the side of the apparatus is several steps in the wrong direction. It also sets a bad precedence that can end up who knows where.

    I agree that the manpower issue is a strong one and must be addressed. It's something the community I live in has been after the Houston city government to improve on since 1996. They seem to have loads of money to give to everyone and his uncle (especially, with current mayor, if you are a minority) and leave the HFD to basically fund itself. It's a disgrace to the fire service, not to mention the city.

    A simple plaque mounted on the apparatus is enough to pay back the support for the company making a donation for the purchase of a piece of apparatus.

    In my opinion, if Chief Connealy wants to bring the deserved respect back to the department, he needs to put and end to this discussion.

    As always, the opinions stated above are my own and may or may not reflect the opinions of my department.

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    fire6614 Guest


    I think that we should put plaque on the trucks for the company that built the truck. But we should not put advertisements on them, because the public would not take us seriously we would be the laughing stock of our neiborhoods. We might as well be wearing clown outfits while we work. I think that this is a stupid idea and whoever thought this up is a joke him/herself.

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    Tillerman-6 Guest


    To the City of Houston City Council...

    We are not laughing with you, we are laughing at you...

    Please don't embarass the brave brothers and sisters of your Fire Department.

    "Back off man... I'm a Scientist."

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    ffguy083 Guest


    I have to ask this question...

    Is it ok to put Fire Safety Slogans on the side of the trucks then?

    Are Company (Fire Company) slogans ok?

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    Tillerman-6 Guest


    Originally posted by ffguy083:
    I have to ask this question...

    Is it ok to put Fire Safety Slogans on the side of the trucks then?

    Are Company (Fire Company) slogans ok?

    A "slogan" is not a paid for solicitation. You are comparing grapefruit to raisins.

    "Back off man... I'm a Scientist."

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    ffguy083 Guest


    I'm really not trying to argue, just pointing out that several folks seem to think advertisements on the side of Fire Trucks might cause accidents, or they might look gaudy. With this argument, then the same should apply to Fire Safety Slogans and Tazmanian Devils, etc. So, following that thought, perhaps we should put nothing on the trucks.

    I am not saying these advertisements are good or bad, all I have said is it is an idea that should be explored. In some areas, it might work, in others maybe not, but perhaps we should look at it.

    Don't shoot me for disagreeing......

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    ALSfirefighter Guest



    I stated the same thing you did in my first post, and no one got huffy, and even if they do pay no attention to it. Its your opinion and your entitled to it. Like I said, some fire apparatus today look like billboards with the unit #, company name, logo, mascot, etc. on them. At least if I'm gonna have a cartoon charecter on the side of my truck I could make some money off it. As far as a slogan being different from an advertisement, isn't a advertisement usually involve a company logo. "Head for the mountains of Busch Beer", "Head for the Rock", what's so different then "King of the hill", or "Second to none" etc.
    Its like I've posted before this is all personal preference type opinions on this subject. But a slogan is a slogan is a slogan, in my opinion.

    The above is my opinion only and doesn't reflect that of any dept/agency I work for, deal with, or am a member of.

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    Captain Gonzo Guest


    Fire safety slogans and images of company mascots are fine...they are part of the job, educate the public to make our jobs a little easier and reflect pride in what we do.

    Allowing corporate advertising on fire trucks would be prostituting what we do for a living!

    Just a second .03 worth (Captains have to pay a little more!)

    Firefighters: Today's heroes protecting everyone's tomorrows!
    Captain Gonzo

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    bgfdchick Guest

    Red face

    << cozmosis said: I think the fact that the Houston chief isn't closed to the idea shows how politics can come before pride.

    Oh, for god's sake...didn't anyone learn anything about management? The first rule is to consider all options - whether popular or not.

    The newly-appointed chief with Houston has done quite a lot for that department. I believe him when he says he's not warm to the idea. I'm lucky to have a chief at my department that entertains all ideas offered and researches them. I know twice as many chiefs that don't.

    As far as the notorious "wasteful government spending"...I'm not saying it doesnt happen...but it seems to be a cop-out for everything we don't get. Cities aren't cheap to run. And as far as Houston is concerned - that department has spent a lot of money to increase its ISO ratings, which helps the city residents with cheaper insurance premiums. I wouldn't be so quick with the "wasteful spending" story without looking at the overall picture at what else they're doing.

    But face it, everyone. Apparatus are expensive. And so is manpower. Houston has too many stations to staff to have a darn bake sale to raise the money. And there probably arent enough strippers in this world to raise the money, either

    Trust me - I'm not crazy about the billboards, either. But I don't know the entire story, and honestly I don't really hear anything better being offered. I think it's very responsible of the Chief to look into and research the idea. And if all the bad things we're saying about it are true, than I trust that Chief Connealy will find that, too.

    Like everyone else...these are my observations and opinions.

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