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    Question Dayroom/Bunkroom

    How many Departments have either a Dayroom or Bunkroom or one or the other? If you do, are their certain rules that must be followed?

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    Being a full time FF, the dayroom and bunkroom are just like your bedroom and living room at home.

    Some Vol. departments that I have had contact with allow their members to sleep in or hang around as long as they do something productive. (clean, maint.) The other rules I've heard are no female visitors no beer etc.

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    T.V. will only be used durning breaks, training or after 17:00hrs.
    dayroom will also be cleaned (furniture and floor)before the end of the shift.

    Bunkroom will be cleaned, before the end of the shift. No visitors allowed in bunk room unless for a tour purpose.
    beds cannot be made until( to sleep in) until 19:00hrs, and we cannot sleep in them until 20:00 hours including weekends (yes i agree this rule sucks)

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    In our day room we cant watch tv untill its 12, that during the weekdays on the weekends there is no time limit. You can take a nap in the recliners, and the room is cleaned everyday by the on coming shift.

    In the bunkroom you can lay down and take a nap during the week after 2PM and after 10AM on the weekends and holadays. No one other then fire dept personal are to be in the room, and you have to wait tell 10PM to go to sleep. The bunkroom and the whole station is cleaned everyday first thing in the morning by the on coming shift.

    Have a good day and be safe.


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    Michelle Latham
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    We have 2 dayrooms and one bunkroom. There aren't any rules against napping in either place at any time of the day. We are free to watch TV or nap as long as we aren't working. We can go to bed whenever we want and sleep as late as we want - as long as we don't have tasks that need to be completed right away. We can take our visitors anywhere as long as we don't bother the other firefighters. Only rule: They have to be gone by 10pm. Basically, we are given the benefit of the doubt: We are adults who are responsible enough to get our work done when it needs to be done. Everyone does very well and we all feel very welcome and comfortable at the fire station - even when it's loaded with Chiefs and Officers. Everyone pitches in with cleaning simply because we all share the station and that's the right thing to do.
    At my other fire department we don't have a dayroom or bunkroom. If we have to stay over night we crash out on the floor in sleeping bags - or on the tables if the spiders are getting bold. We all help to keep the station clean.

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    Another Question, do you allow your Junior members to sleep in your Bunkroom? If you do, is it only on weekends or is it anytime during the week?

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    Like everything else there are rules...Ours are similar to other post.
    Dayroom: TV only after 1600hours or during lunch or training, excluding weekends.
    Bunkroom: all members have their own bunk and locker that must be maintained. Spare bunks are provided for volunteer staff that may be pulling time with the career staff.
    No visitors are allowed in bunkroom.

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    Originally posted by Squad33whacker:
    Another Question, do you allow your Junior members to sleep in your Bunkroom? If you do, is it only on weekends or is it anytime during the week?
    Squad, our Junior (HS age members) only run with us until 2200 during the week, then go home so that they can go to school in the morning. On FRI or SAT night, they can spend the night. SUN night, they go home by 2200. They can spend the night if the next day is a holiday. This rule may be suspended during the summer break, I'm not sure.

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    Ross Johnson
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    We have a dayroom(consisting of a kitchen and a large table with a tv), a tv room which has 10 recliners and a tv/vcr and a bunk room with 10 bunks- The rules are simple for the tv/day rooms- keep it clean and be respectable to others and there is no problem. THe bunk room rules are simply keep it clean, no sleeping past 9:00am(unless it was a long night of calls) and you are resposiable to clean YOUR mess up. Our juniors can only sleep in during weekends(during the school year) when a senior member is with them and a line officer approves it. Hope this helps

    Gettysburg Fire Department (PA) FF/NREMT-B
    Brookside Engine Company,Div of Mendham Twp Fire Dept(NJ) FF
    Mendham Twp EMS EMT-B
    These views are my own and do not reflect those of these departments

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    The reason I'm asking is that my Fire Co. is in the process of getting a Dayroom/Bunkroom built, but some of our members don't understand why we need a bunkroom.

    Thanks for the replies so far and please keep them coming.

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    Bottom line reason for the bunkroom, it provides for an manned station 24/7 that can respond immediatley, thus increasing the reduction of loss to life and property!!!


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