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    BFD847 Guest

    Question Fire pre-plans

    We are currently using a basic one page form for most business in our area. Common info on one side. Owner/contacts, utility shut off, hazards, no of employees, hrs of opps, fire protection/detection. Type of construction. And floor plan on the back
    We are looking at putting these on computer. I was interested in hearing others experiance with this and what you may have used. Thanks a lot BFD847

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    S. Cook Guest


    Check out Email me for more info.

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    FF103 Guest


    We have done something close to what S. Cook has done too. . Have not placed it on the net though. And currently everything is under hard copy. (Depending on number of buildings, floors, and other relevant information our preplans average 3 or more pages.)

    Once all of the stations have been networked a some of the plans (details are still being worked out) will be placed on the server.

    Our computers at the stations have a program one of our members wrote that gives us routing information from the station.

    We are considering having this program tie into the finished preplans we use now.

    Later on we may tie the preplans into the GIS system the city uses. This will hopefully give us a great deal of infomation including underground utilities routes, property lines, hydrants, roads under construction, and on and on and on. . .

    This will help the IC and responding fire units with fireground operations.

    The only problem here is we have not been able to decide on how to put all of this information together. . . We don't want the users of the system to get too much info. Also we want the system to be friendly enough to allow for easy access to anything the user needs.

    Other problems are the fact that the current preplans have been done on a program that is incompatable with GIS. And GIS is not able to intigrate the current route directions program either.

    Oh well. . .

    Many of the firefighters will be happy when the routing program is auto dispatched by our 911 system. Which will be able to this soon.

    Well catch ya later.

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    Adze Guest


    We moved our preplans to the computer. Right now, we can store multiple photos on the computer with each preplan. Down the road, we will be able to store multiple floor plans and multiple MSDS's with each preplan.

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    jasonnremtb Guest


    we are talking about starting to pre plan, have nothing more than an idea, does someone have the form(s) scanned so that they could send it to me. thanks!

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    BFD847 Guest


    What kind of program are you using. My computor knowledge is very limited. If you send me some info I can have it deciphered later. The things that I have heard woth the computor form is the time frame of retreaval expecially with multiple pics.

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    Hammerhead338 Guest


    I put our preplan drawings in our computer system using Firezone version 7, this is only the drawing. For the rest of the info it is put in using Firehouse version 5.

    Hope this helps, have a good day.


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    ffguy083 Guest


    I'm curious, and maybe I should have started a new thread.... but with all this fancy technology allowing us the ability to look at preplans on the way to incidents, and to do all this cool stuff....

    Does anyone really use it much? Or are you so busy getting ready, looking up locations, and responding, that there isn't time to look at them?

    Not that preplans are a waste, reviewing them on Station, etc is wonderful trng, but do we really need them in our Fire Engines enroute to incidents?

    Just a thought.

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    Adze Guest


    BFD: Sent you an email

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    gah74 Guest


    We were using Visio and it was okay, but can be difficult to use. We are now using Fire Zone and so far it's getting good reviews. The floor plans are much easier to draw on Fire Zone.

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