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    What does your department do to show that a room or an area has been searched? You hear many different departments doing many different things, just wondering what is really going on out there and some of the good and bad points. Currently we do not have a department wide method and this causes a tremendous amount of duplication when dealing with this very important task.

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    We always ran into the same problem you described - duplication, especially when we did searches in our high rises.

    What works for us are those big bright green heavy plastic tags that slip over door knobs. They might remind you of "Do Not Disturb" signs but they're much bigger, bell shaped, and have FD in reflective letters on them. We keep them in our high rise hose packs and in our SAR bags. We know that room has been searched if we see or feel one.

    BUT we have several buildings with swipe card or key pads on the doors instead of traditional door knobs, and some offices have glass doors, and then there's even some pocket and accordion doors - so we epoxied a magnetic strip (like a refigerator magnet) on each tag for use on steel doors with no knob, and we also pressed on a short piece of 2 sided tape that sticks to the glass doors.

    Our neighboring department cuts old LDH into peices that slip over the door knobs and that works too - they don't melt like ours occasionally do.

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