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    Post Drafting techniques

    Does anyone have any good techiques for quickly starting a drafting operation? We have found that sumerging the hard suction in the drop tank and filling it with water prior to hooking up to the intake works pretty well. We get almost an instant draft with very little initial cavitation. This is done with a single 10 foot section of hard suction. We haven't tried it with 20 ft but I imagine it would be much more difficult.

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    that's a great idea. You might also try letting your tank water fill the draft hose before starting your draft. This will expel most, if not all, of the air in the pump and works very quickly with little work.

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    some of the new low level strainers have an inch and a half coupling that you can you to prime the truck. We just got one on our new truck and we have feel in love with it. It is also good to use when you have to set up 2 drop tanks.

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