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    toneloc177 Guest


    being in shape . . .and not the nice round one which i happen to be in!

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    postal79 Guest

    Red face

    hearing from the bystanders that you know that were at the fire before we the (volunteer) fire department were, that all the neighbors were bitching and moaning " where is the fire department whats taking so long are they ever gonna get here" especially when as a vol. dept we are usually on scene in 4-5 minutes tops

    when its volunteer, if your not making a
    difference and volunteering shut up and join or just shut up

    sorry i know the first sentence is a little confusing :-)

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    Mike DeVuono Guest


    Having to see pictures of the children of our fallen brothers wearing their father's helmet at their funeral.

    Mike DeVuono

    "There are few atheists inside a burning building."

    These are my opinions and not those of my department.

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    jspears Guest


    The toughest part of the job....missing out on family time and activities. My 4 sons and wife say they understand that it is my job, but I miss not being there when I should have been. They respect me for what I do, but I dont want to miss seing them grow up.

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    1SG Guest


    One word - Administration.

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    toneloc177 Guest


    (amen mike - amen)

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    Drewbo Guest


    That I cannot take home and fit the ladder truck into my 2 car garage!!!

    * God Looked down and
    * saw this was bad, it
    * was bad, it was Drew

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