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    pfr172 Guest


    What would you consider to be the toughest part of your job?

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    Neptune 33 Guest


    Witnessing all kinds of tragedies, ranging from fires to cardiac arrests, watching citizians homes burn, knowing someone is inside and it's too late for them, watching a local business that you patrionize burning, witnessing the death of friends in vehicle accidents, deaths of elderly neighbors, we see things that the general public tries to put in the back of their minds, they know it's there, but try to not think of it.....this not only goes for firefighters, but EMS and Police personal also.

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    ffguy083 Guest


    Being on a fire when a kid dies. Or a wreck where a younger kid dies.

    Also when you have several bad runs in a row.

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    robbie Guest


    One word "POLITICS" we are trained for almost every thing we do or at least have a clue we might be subject to see or do many different things but no one tells you about all of the b.s. or a nicer way of putting it is all of the politics that we put up with on a day to day basis.

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    D Kelly Guest


    Personally: Being away from the family for 24-48 hours at a time during holidays, birthdays, etc.

    Professionally: Dead kids and senseless waste of life.

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    SFD-129-3 Guest


    Puttin up with family who doesn't understand the need for training nights, meeting nights, crew weeks, monthly meetings, bingo sunday, and fire calls on top of that.

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    SFD-129-3 Guest


    Oh, and dealing with the uninformed. Ex: "why do you need all these trucks and firemen, its just two rooms of a hotel on fire. You should be able to handle it with an engine and a tanker."
    Go direct traffic.

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    LtStevieB82 Guest


    Death is always hard. The worst is when it's a brother.

    Of course, it's particularly hard to take calls in the middle of the night when I have to be up for work shortly thereafter.

    SFD's comments about the uninformed, well, I wouldn't say that's the hardest part, just annoying. As a volunteer, my favorite is, "How long do you have to do this before you can be a real firefighter?"

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    Fire/Rescue43 Guest


    Two things come to mind, the first is any time we have a call where a child is seriuosly injured or killed.

    The other thing is the attitude of the general public, like the dirty looks and hand gestures you get will responinding in heavy traffic, I swear some of then think we are just out with red lights and siren wailing on a pleasure drive just to **** them off and make them late.

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    GreenCap Guest


    Apathetic attitude towards the fire service by the general public, and being loathed by politicians at the local, county, state, and federal level.

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    Captain Gonzo Guest


    With the exception of bingo sunday, all of the above!

    Firefighters: Today's heroes protecting everyone's tomorrows!
    Captain Gonzo

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    Lewiston2Capt Guest


    Along the same lines as Lt Stevie...
    As a volunteer and people ask when I am scheduled to work at the fire station? Then I tell them that I volunteer... The look they get on their faces as they say "Oh your not a professional firefighter?". I just look at them and say "We are all professionals some are just paid to be professional. I do it for free." Then I walk away while they still have this dumbfounded look on their faces.
    Now before anyone says I am starting the Career vs. Volunteer fight again. I am meerly stating that we are all professional (or should be). Paid or otherwise we do the same job.

    As far as the absolute toughest it is a toss up. I think the poem " I wish you could..." sums it up pretty good.

    Shawn M. Cecula
    Lewiston Fire Co. No. 2

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    ntvilleff Guest


    Overhauling in 90 degree weather w/80+ percent humidity in full gear and packs.

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    Break-N-Entry Guest


    For me the toughest things are attending firefighter wakes and funeral services, and then going out on the next alarm without our buddy at our side.

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    FHandz17 Guest


    Divorce $$$$$$$$$$$ "She got the GOLD MINE, I got the SHAFT"

    Seriously, Pediactric calls Fire or EMS

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    sloepoke1 Guest


    HMMMMM Tough but good topic. I agree with most that has been mentioned so far with the exception of the bingo thing. I always found that sort of thing fun. But the one thing that has yet to be mentioned is runs that envolve a member of your personal family. That is the worst ever!!!

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    bjhfd Guest


    I can agree with the pediatric calls as being bad. However, for me I would have to say when you arrive on scene and find out that it is a friend or worse than that, someone in your own family. That makes it truly tough.

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    BFD847 Guest


    On the home front it would be the shift work. I do love it but it does disrupt life from time to time. I have four little girls. This places quite a strain on my wife who also works.

    At work pretty much has been mentioned peds in any serious call.

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    firefightin'medic Guest


    Child fatalities or serious injury, the countless runs to the same address where someone is being repeatedly attacked by a family member but keeps refusing to press charges,seeing the faces of average citizens who have lost everything they own due to a fire,time away from my family's activities.

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    E229Lt Guest


    \\What would you consider to be the toughest part of your job?\\


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    gyver Guest


    responding to any incident where a child or teenager is involved.

    being a volunteer in the county making calls at 3a.m. and driving up to 25 miles to make them. getting home in time to go to work or having to call in and tell the boss you'll be late again.then while your trying to eat lunch and discuss the previous events with fellow vollies,some ignorant Fkr tell's you your nothing but a volunteer and that it's not worth calling you because the house is gone by the time we get there anyway.
    but it's worth it when you cut a family out of a vehicle and you save that family, the looks on the faces when they know that they are going to be ok. the thank you's and god blesses is more reward than they can imagine.

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    crashman Guest


    The toughest part is dealing with people who, for whatever reason, think they are the rightful individuals entitled to wear the badge and that others, who may be different from them, cannot or should not be doing the job.

    amazes me how individuals could become involved in one of the most self sacrificing professions, yet not appreciate others who have made the same decision.

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    AFD11EXP Guest


    i'd say wittnessing fatalities.

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    jeg532 Guest

    Red face

    the toughest thing is getting called out to a 2 vehicle wreck only to find out it was your wifes best friend that you just put in a body bag,then you have to go home and tell your wife what happened when she asks you if it was a bad wreck and if we knew them. Or when you get called out to a wreck and realize that your fellow firefighters wife is the one in the car pinned under a semi trailer and is dead before you have a chance to help her,but whats worse is you have to go back to the station and tell your buddy who didn`t make the truck that his wife is dead.

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    canman Guest


    When a brother or sister dies just doing their job also infant and child deaths.

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