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    Post RIT versus "buddy-breathing" adaptors and/or "transfill" (quickfill) connectors

    Does your fire department consider the RIT to be a replacement for "buddy-breathing" adaptors and/or "transfill" (quickfill) connectors on the airpaks of fire fighter's working in a burning building? In other words, there is no need to have the adaptors or the connectors, the RIT will handle all air supply emergencies for the fire fighters working in the building on fire.

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    No! RIT is not a replacement for buddy-breathing. Having buddy-breathing may save you from having to use the RIT. You should always have both!!!!!!

    Stay Safe

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    ABSOLUTLY NOT!!!!!!!!!!! We should have the buddy breathing lines just in case something happens and we need the air, but the RIT is our insurance policy waiting on the outside. They are ready, fresh, and have all the tools needed to make a rescue. What is to firefighters inside get trapped under a roof collaspe. They may not be able to move, but if they are close enough they could share air if needed. NEVER DO AWAY WITH RIT!!!!!!!!!

    Captain James Collier
    McMahan Fire Rescue
    KCTCS Area 6 Instructor

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