I just received this letter and figured maybe a few of us could help this department get off the ground. They are in need of S.O.P. help. If you have an S.O.P. manual on a website, let me know. If anyone can
help, email the info to me @ redneck1174@firehousemail.com , I will in turn forward the info to the person that contacted me.
I am with the City of Verona, MO and we are attempting to put in place some very basic rules and procedures for our newly-formed
volunteer fire department. We are a community of 718 and have 18 volunteers. Most of these individuals are level entry with only a couple of exceptions. We are hoping you can help us with some very simple and easy to follow guidelines for the use of emergency radios, lights and sirens, and how possibly, your community "supervises" its
I know this is a lot but we are new to this and need help. If you have something already in place and it is in a format you could "attach", we could modify to meet our needs. Or, if you have any suggestions as to other web pages, they would be appreciated

Thank you greatly for your time.
Jimmie Branham
Councilman, North Ward
Verona, MO