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    Default CAUTION:Summer in Paradise

    Hello Fellow Emergency providers. Summer is fast upon us, and for those of you who are planning to visit Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada, this summer, just a quick note for you. With the exchange differences now between the Canadian and United States dollars, more and more folks are coming to Canada (namely PEI!!) from the States for vacation because it's sooo cheap! However, you should be aware of the following: There are NO four lane highways on PEI. The max speed is about 50mph. If you are driving on the Island, you WILL have a farm tractor in front of you at some point during your drive. So slow down and enjoy the view, the tractor will turn off eventually. PEI is Canadas smallest province. The population here is only about 140,000. There are two small cities and numerous towns and villages. There are about 30 fire dept's on the Island, all are volunteer. Between the two cities, there are about 12 full timers. If you are coming to visit paradise this summer and would like to pay a visit to the local fire hall, most meet on Tuesday nights at about 1900hrs. This depends on what's being harvested or fished, and where, at the time. For more info, please contact: www.gov.pe.ca or me at

    Have a great summer everybody
    Pat Jay
    Crossroads Fire Dept

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    Yeah Ya'll that goes for here too!

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