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    Question High Rise Pack

    Anyone out there using the R&B Fabrications High Rise "Backpack". It is a big duffel bag with shoulder straps and regular handles. It has a zipper down the middle and a "flap" on one end that is buttoned closed.

    My question is, What hose load works best? Some other departments use a "horseshoe" and some say a "flat" load is best.

    And also, deployment? Do you advance the hose out of the bag, or do you dump it out on the floor first?

    Any pros and cons from real world experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Used something similar to what you described and had much trouble with it. It was just not very user friendly. We even used Nidner hose (lightweight composite, not rubber) and still we had problems. We 2 of our 4 bags to straps and they work out great! Just attached the appliance bag to the straps too. Not sure if the other 2 packs will be changed. They get used once in a blue moon on the other engines.

    Packing was another issue. We tried many ways. If you are to keep it, we hooked up floor below and ran it floor above and back to the fire floor in the bag. By then most of it was out and we made entry to the fire floor. Like I said it was not too easy but that was the best we decided. Put many man-hours into finding the best option for high rise packs and the straps eventually worn out.

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    We have a couple of hose packs that are backpack style. They really never got used. We have recently purchased several CLEMENS MANHATTEN PACKS. These are very functional, simple to deploy and restore. We have been packing them flat. They work well in a forward or reverse style hose stretch.(you can drop the pack and pull hose or walk with the pack and flake hose as you go)We use ours for stand pipe operations and jobs distant from the engine with a 3" supply & water thief. Sigle jacket packs much better too. Good Luck......

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    If I remember correctly (been a while since I've packed one) The Manhattan Pack is packed in this fashion:

    FIRST FIFTY FEET gets packed accordian style, with the nozzle in the lower left corner (the detachable flap is to your right)

    The next 100' gets packed standard flat pack.

    End it so that the female coupling is near the flap. Attach it to the double gated wye, and throw a short length of webbing around the wye with two spanners attached. When it's time to deploy, simply walk the bag to the stairwell, open the flap, make your attachments, and walk it out!!

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    Chief, if you want to take a look at the Clemens hose packs to see if they would work for your needs, check out this website -, click on High Rise Packs. Stay Safe. Thanks, Tom

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    forget the packs..... roll ups are the way to go

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    Go here for a great discussion on highrise packs

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