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    I would like to know how many departments supply there members there uniform station boots, not turn-out boots. Also if they do, how? (Replacement, boot allowance). Now that we have finished with our negotiations, this subject is going to come up. We used to be able to purchase any boot as long as it had steel toes and shank, but after a couple of boots melted on a grass fire, they are now requiring us to get boots that meet OSHA and NFPA standards. It is our thought now that since they are required to meet these standards, that makes them PPE's, and they are required to provide all PPE's.

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    Rick, My department buys a pair of boots per year,which are included in our uniform allowance. They have a standard pair of issue boots,however,if we don't want that boot we can purchase our own and get reimbursed up to the total dollar amount of the issued boots. Of course,if the boots are damaged on duty we can get them replaced.

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