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    Post Your Opinion on the NJ State Firemens Convention

    For those who have attended what is your opinion on the firemens convention that they hold in Wildwood every September? I enjoy the weekend and think its alot of fun.But when it comes to the parade I'm not to fond of somethings.Other than that I enjoy the displays and things in the tents they have. Now I have heard others have another view on it and I'm not to sure of the whole story can someone clear that up for me please? And let me know what you think about the whole situation just curious to hear what everyone has to say.

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    Explorer Engine 6 So. Amboy Fire Dept & Cadet Morgan FAS

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    Thumbs down

    New Jersey State Firemen's Association?

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

    Good one kid!

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    Well I have a good time every year. I think the judgeing of the parade is top notch but the parade is lacking from years of past. Back when I was a kid I remember staying out till 7 o'clock watching the parade now its over by 3, now either a lot less people are coming or they are hurrying thru to get to the beer. I'm leaning to the second based on the fact I live 10 min. away and know what an average weekend looks like over there and the town gets packed come firemans weekend. I think the new convention center will add a lot to the event. Somebody give me a mug I'm going to hurricanes.

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    George Wendt, CFI
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    Having attended the convention for over 10 years in my younger days, I can tell you that I stopped attending because the convention, in my opinion, became an excuse drunken obnoxious behavior that is an embarrasment to the NJ Fire Service. It is sponsored by an organization that doesn't do anything to represent the fire service in NJ.

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    I agree with George- It is nothing but one big drunkfest.

    "Loyalty above all else, except honor."

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    Capt. Lou
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    I agree with George, it is a BIG party! Times have changed and the Wildwood Convention hasn't. For some it is an "all expense paid" trip to the shore.

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    this will be my fifth year going down to the convention and i have to say i love it, it is a good time and a unofficial end to the summer, the tents and displays are great, but the parade is lacking, and on the other side it is one big party, but most departments do there best to keep it calm, at least we do

    have fun, be safe

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