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    Post Types of training your department does

    What types of training does your department do? Do you have a training tower? i'd like your suggestions.

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    We drill twice a week on everything from just pulling lines and flowing water to SAR and aerial operations. (besides all the mandatory osha crap like bloodborne pathogens and hazmat refreshers). We don't have a tower. We usually have the cooperation of some major businesses in the area for doing outside evolutions. Since we are close to the Ct. fire academy, we can also go there to use their tower and burn buidings.
    Also, by doing a lot of basics for drills, the hoses get rotated, and equipment is always being used and readied for the next time. So when a fire call comes in, we don't have to worry about a k-12 not firing up or hose rot, or if the guy next to you remembers how to do a proper rescue.

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    Order of training here.

    1. Inspections
    2. Hydrants
    3. Inspections
    4. Video on Inspections / Hydrants
    5. Hands on training if all inspections are done and it isn't too hot/cold outside, raining or ems class.

    Ahhhhhhh, muni FD's.

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    we try to do as many live burn drills as possible, to keep the real thing and what to do when we get one fresh in every ones mind, and to keep the equipment from rotting away between false alarms. we have a tower one town over that we use whenever we want.. and our county academy is only 15 minutes away

    just remember whatever you end up using always practive how you would play or in this case work

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    FHandz17....Hey, you guys must have stolen our training manual. Think we can get that back? Actually, I think you guys added some stuff to it.

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