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    Question Waterball fights?

    Just wondering if any other departments out there participate in waterball fights?


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    Our dept. has waterball equipment but we use it only a couple times each year.I really enjoy doing it even though the event is exhausting.We have several teams from the area come in and have a tournament and award trophies.
    I posted some pictures from one of the events on our website at www.geocities.com/oakwood_vfd
    if you want to see them.


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    unknown. but we had our newest engine 'wetdown' earlier this month, and it was a frekin ****a!

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    Yes we do! As a matter of fact, we will be hosting one the second weekend in August. We go to the annual WINTER Water Fights in Coralville IA and it's a blast!!(no punn intended) How do you guys have it set up???

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    "frekin ****a". The guys from Wyoming and Alaska are thinking "what the hell is a ****a??"

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