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    spotthedalmation Guest

    Question Rescue Tools

    What brand of rescue tools do you use/prefer?

    Our department went from Hurst to TNT this past December, and it's been wonderful... The TNT tools cut almost anything, and the rams grab well -- no longer a need for a plate on the rocker panel.


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    newguy Guest


    I used to use Hurst but with my new dept we have Amkus. tools are a lot lighter and more user friendly then the Hurst tool from the mid to late 80s Hurst makes quality tools but they tend to be a bit on the heavy side.

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    firenresq77 Guest


    We used to use Hurst, but we have switched to using the Genesis system. It is much lighter and it fits our needs better.

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    James Reider Guest


    Our department switch from a pheonix to TNT 5yrs ago.We brought in 5 different tools tested them all and TNT set the stanard the first night. We have a full system 4 rams,cutter, spreader, mini cutter, 5.5 duo power unit.Three more of our mutual aid departments have since purchased TNT. We did call in one of those departments two weeks ago on a head on crash because we needed more rams. It was great to be able to hook up to either power unit an keep on working.

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