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    Truckie5553 Guest

    Angry Helmet Chin Straps!!!

    Why do some firefighters think that the helmet strap is just a piece of cloth that is to be hooked across the back of the helmet instead of being used for its true meaning, to hold the helmet on your head!!! I would like to hear both sides of this. i know if the S@#$ hits the fan, your helmet could be gone in a heart beat. So come on let me hear your reasonings behind it.

    Captain James Collier
    McMahan Fire Rescue
    KCTCS Area 6 Instructor

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    570eck Guest


    Fire eigineer has a good article on this, this month. As for me the chin strap goes in place everytime I go in.

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    sloepoke1 Guest


    I am in TOTAL agreement with ya on this truckie!!! If you cannot take the time to don your P.P.E. properly, then why even wear it at all?

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    CaptKup4 Guest


    I make it a point to ALWAYS secure my chin strap. Learned the hard way early in my career. Thought I looked cool with the strap across the back of my helmet when I lost it going onto a roof for ventilation. Right there in front of command and the rest I'm there staring down 20' at my helmet laying on the ground. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR PPE.

    Captain Dave Kupfer
    Metro West FPD
    St. Louis County, MO

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    D.C. Kron Guest


    Used one about 30 years ago. Didn't much like it. Haven't used one since.

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    Truck36CAPT Guest


    I wear mine for interior operations, outside its across the back of the helmet. One thing I will say, with an N5A, properly sized and adjusted, mine has never fallen off.

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    Da Sharkie Guest


    I must agree. I know you asked for reasons not to wear the chin strap but it does frost me when guys, and gals don't. Just because you haven't lost your helmet yet, doesn't mean that you aren't going to. A lot of good that helmet does you when it DOES fall off. It will, most likely, fall off. A lot of guys just say it hasn't fallen off yet, or it's uncomfortable, or guys haven't been wearing them for years so why should I?. I personally have a milwaukee strap on my helmets. I love it. I don't have to fart around looking for a stupid little clip to try and get into the building. I think it is, overall, a failure of the command structure not to enforce the PPE rules. They are the ones ultimately responsible. My chief and officers won't let anyone near the building unless we are in full PPE - to include hood and helmet strap. We all know this and when we get to fire we don't go in until we are ready or we WILL get pulled and we WILL get rather stern lecture.

    I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything.

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    E229Lt Guest


    I've found if you clip the chinstrap on top of the helmet's Bourkes,(if you have them), you can quickly lower the Bourkes and the chinstrap falls into place.


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    postal79 Guest


    why wear the helmet if you dont use the strap if you make a quick move or look down...oops there goes your helmet, i leave mine strapped around the back when its on the shelves but the first thing i do when i grab it off the rack is unclip it that way its dangling against my cheek and is a reminder to strap it under my chin.. where it belongs, hence the name chin strap

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    bfd1071 Guest


    hey E229lt, I'll have to remeber that if I ever put the chin strap back on the helmet. I have never worn it, And I dont know of anyperson in my dept that wears it.

    ** The opionions are mine and mine alone, they are not that of my dept or the local**

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    *LHS Guest


    Wow, 20 years of so called experience and not enough common sense to wear your protective clothing properly. Now there is a legacy to be proud of, brag about and bring dishonor to the department via the stupidity of your members on a public forum.

    Let's hope those who want to copy the old salt don't die or get seriously injuried mirroring you!

    Might as well remove the helmet suspension too! It will make the helmet lighter! It won't be on your head when you need it anyway. Two deaths last year to FF's that were a result of contact after the helmet was knocked off.

    Let's follow this thinking through to its logical conclusion. No need to chock the wheels, rigs rarely roll away. Don't bother with the outrigger pads it is quicker without them. Wear the air pack not the face peice, that way you meet sops and don't look like a whimp to your peers. Why test the hose, we use it every day. Dop as many things alone as possible, its quicker that way. Why test the aerial devices, they work fine. Why pay attention in class, you've already learned all there is to know. Go ahead short jack the ladder it won't fall over. Use the ladder at twice its tip load, it'll be fine. Why get fully dressed approaching the building or in the cab, you'll have plenty of time later. Don't turn the PASS on, if you need it you can always turn it on then. Drive like hell to all calls let God sort out the out come. Gloves, who needs them? Eye protection...that's for whimps. And the list goes on and on.

    Freelance to your hearts content, you've gotten by with it this far.

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    Philip C Guest

    Thumbs up

    I'm in the Army and wearing the chinstrap on our helmets is not an option. I've been in different units and to different schools and chinstrap use is enforced across the board. Since that has been ingrained in me for years, I always wear it with my fire helmet. Take care and be safe.

    Phil Clinard
    Laurel VFD
    Prince George's Co Sta 10
    Laurel, MD

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    PA Volunteer Guest


    Wow ... I actually agree w/ LHS on something. Just kidding LHS, I've actually agreed w/ a lot of things ... it's the delivery that leaves a lot to be desired. Back on topic ... I'll admit, I don't always wear the chinstrap (AFA'S, MVA'S) but when I'm going inside I do, or if I'm up on the roof/ladder/tower. Heck, why not? It can't hurt anything, and I've finally gotten over that macho look thing.

    Stay Safe

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    cfr3504 Guest


    I have to admit, that mine stays on the back of my helmet a lot, but that's because we have many more MVA's, small brush fires, or general BS calls. But if I'm doing anything other than running the pump at a structure fire, my strap is on properly. This also goes for any other call where it's likely that my helmet can be knocked off, and put me in danger.

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    hfdfao Guest


    I've taken to wearing mine like e229lt and it works pretty well, also reminds me that its there.

    *LHS who ****ed in your boot.......


    May your vents be leeward, your searches be negative, and your overhaul complete......

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    AFD11EXP Guest


    i always wear it. It makes my helmet stay on!

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    sloepoke1 Guest


    “hey E229lt, I'll have to remeber that if I ever put the chin strap back on the helmet. I have never worn it, And I dont know of anyperson in my dept that wears it.”

    bfd1071 sorry to say but you would not even last but maybe five minutes in one of my training sessions without proper PPE. Just last month we did SCBA training, and one crew thought they would try to go without their chinstraps in place. The Safety Officer and myself knocked both helmets off and declared them both victims. Ordered in another team to get the two FFs out and then still another, if time permitted, to finish the search. These two “John Waynes” learned the very valuable lesson that your PPE is there for a reason and that is for your protection. As one of these guys said, “ Man, all I could think about while lying there was my wife and kids. What would they do if I were stupid enough to do that for real?” Well just something to think about. Oh and if you have not guessed yet I always have mine under the chin were it belongs!

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    PFDE4 Guest


    I like the part abount not having the suspension in the helmet.

    It does make em lighter

    Now if ya could only pry out the impact protection, now that would be a comfortable helmet.

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    Smokeetr4 Guest


    I can think of a lot of very good reasons for wearing the chin strap. Safety being the top priority. I can think of NO good reason for not wearing it. Tradition somtimes clouds our judgment, causing us to continue to do things after the reason for doing it has long been forgotten.

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    Ten8_Ten19 Guest


    I have always worn my chin strap, then a few weeks ago I went on the roof with it clipped on the helmet brim. Sure enough I had to move quick and my helmet fell off. Fortunately the velcro on my chin strap mated with the velcro on my collar (no, that wasn't on properly either) and my helmet hung there long enough for me to grab it. I got lucky, I could have beaned somebody on the ground. Lesson learned.

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    caza_28 Guest


    well i use to not wear mine till we had a tank battery blow up, and well i wasnt wearing mine and my helment fell off. but after hearing the pros i will make it a point to use it. it only makes since. thanks for all who opend my eyes to the stupidity before i leared the hard way.

    stay safe.

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    Tillerman-6 Guest


    Wearing the strap was drilled into us at the fire academy so I just do it out of habit. It goes on right after the mask and right before the gloves. (Can't do the buckle with the gloves)

    "Back off man... I'm a Scientist."

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    newasstchief Guest


    This was not just a vote for or against. It was a question of why. Everyone that wears them gives reasons why. Those who don't, just say "I don't". WHY?

    I will also admit, I don't wear it on every call. But, if I'm doing any work, it is on. My lid can't protect me if it is laying on the ground, or set on the roof of a car(but that is a different subject).

    There is an instructor at the academy that loves people that don't wear the chin strap. He takes your helmet off while your in the building or smoke maze. Try explaining that to your Chief, how you need another helmet cause you "lost" your helmet at class, or coming up with another $400 for a new leather cause yours "fell" off and you couldn't find it.

    Well, there is always one in each class that wants to look cool. He has a pretty big collection in his den.

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    FP&LS Guy Guest


    I have found that most of the people I know refusing to wear chinstraps are the ones that like to tip their helmets to themselves about what great firefighters they are. Either that or they are afraid that the next time they get caught in a building they won't be able to get their helmets off to throw out the window. And they never wear their hood, and they leave their mask on the engine even when they are wearing an airpack, they always have two left gloves, and ..... oh, never mind.

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    JohnM Guest


    I think I am the only guy in my department that wears a chin strap. I want my helmet to stay on when things get ugly. I have been hit by large pieces of drywall falling on my head,and my helmet was knocked slightly off center, but it stayed there and protected me. I took my old strap from my Carns 660 and installed it on my New Yorker when we switched over, and I can have it tight in 1 second.

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