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    Arrow Deaprtment Issued Radios

    How many departments out there issue a radio to everyone in the department not just lne officers. How about to juniors or explorers also.

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    Our department has issued a radio for each position on a unit. You are assigned that radio until your shift is over.

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    We are a combo dept. Every career F/F has a personal radio and charger issued to them that they are responsible for. Each of the lts in the vols have a personal radio

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    After a fire a little more than a year ago in which two firefighters were killed, the department recently issued portable radios to each riding position on each apparatus.

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    Officers & Department Safety Officer get portables assigned.

    Our two "crew-cabs" (Engine Tank 190 & Ladder 190) which each seat 6 have 6 portables in a big gang charger. Plus at least one or two portables on the other pieces of apparatus. SOP is each team going inside has at least one radio; with the new radios on the Ladder now it would be tough to go inside without one!

    With the radios staying in the charger/conditioner until needed, you know the radio is fully charged. We also keep a couple spare batteries charging in the trucks for officers who haven't charged their personal radios recently.

    At some point in the next few years, we'll probably get another half-dozen portables for the most active first responders who commonly find themselves arriving a minute or two ahead of a radio unit now.

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    our department issues a portable to the chief (who also has the chiefs truck), 1st assistant, 2nd assistant and the captain and lieutenant of each of the four companies, and each of the five trucks have there own portable

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    Each position on all trucks have a radio. All support vehicles have one portable assigned also.

    Running a code is easy.
    The hard part starts when you bringem back and have a 30-40 min transport

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    We are a volunteer dept, officers and EMS personnell are issued a personal radio, each engine has 2 portables as well. I really cannot think of a good reason for an explorer to have a radio.

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    In my vol dept, the chief, deputy chief, captains, and Lt's have portables. The chief and deputy chief have mobile radios in their POVs. Also the 3 EMT's have portables, and myself(I'm one of the EMT's...I have a mobile radio in my vehicle due to signal quality issues if I was transmitting from my vehicle (96 jeep cherokee..if anyone else has had this probelm, I'd like to know) with my portable.

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    In my department (volunteer) everyone is issued a radio. Junior members are issued an older one if it is available, and a pager if it's not. We don't have explorers. Our station is not manned, therefore it's necessary for responding members to know if more help is coming, and communicate as to who picks up what, who is going to the scence, etc. This is aside from the benefits on the fireground.

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    All volunteer Fire Dept. Each person has a radio. We dont issue pagers but our radios have built in paging capabilities. Juniors also get radios if there are any available. Like cfr3504 said dispatch needs to know who is responding so they can tone out other stations if needed.

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