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    ALSfirefighter Guest

    Post NY Daily New's disgrace to our fallen brothers

    I just wanted some of the other brothers and sisters from other parts of the country to see the photo's that the NY Daily News printed on Pages 2 and 3 of their newspaper. I think it is a disgrace that they would show these pictures. I certainly wouldn't want my family to see that. The pictures on the page in color were printed in Black and white in the 6/18/01 morning paper. (

    If it doesn't link through, go to, and click on the related stories to the FDNY LODD articles, on the bottom of that page, you will find the 6/18 story for "3 firefighters killed." While I think those pictures could impact the public on exactly the risks we take, I still do not think they should have put those pictures on there.

    The above is my opinion only and doesn't reflect that of any dept/agency I work for, deal with, or am a member of.

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    NCRSQ751 Guest


    The link should be to or better yet....

    I agree, they may make good 'news' to some but I'm sure the families are appalled.

    Susan Bednar
    Forsyth Rescue Squad (Chief)
    Griffith Volunteer FD

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    hfdfao Guest


    What is the world coming to? is there no more respect for the fallen?

    Alsfirefighter, thanks for the heads up, I took the opportunity to "express" my opinion to the staff at the news.


    May your vents be leeward, your searches be negative, and your overhaul complete......

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    Lewiston2Capt Guest


    I think it is irresponsile reporting. No thought was given to those grieving the loss of three of NY's Bravest. The medias only focus is getting the story regardless of who they hurt in the process. I am sure some people are out there saying that they have a right to know what is happening in their city, but what happens when a firefighters child picks up the paper and sees this? What does that do to them?

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    ProudFireWife Guest


    As the wife of a firefighter, it is very difficult to view images of distraught, injured or fallen firefighters. Coping with the loss of a spouse under these circumstances must be nearly impossible. To be shown these images is just adding insult. My heart goes out to the FDNY family, and pray that your tears of sadness are replaced by tears of joy in the memories of your brothers.

    Leading you when needed, following when asked, standing beside you always.

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    FF's SignfOthr Guest


    From the captions, it appears the photos are of injured firefighters, but I can't be positive without names. I hope that is the case. The photos of the "fatigued firefighter" and the "hose crew" do help the public understand the hazards of the job, and hopefully help boost community support.

    I agree that there should never be pictures of any victims in the paper. That would be very disrespectful and traumatic for the family, friends, and coworkers. I know it would make me sick to see a picture of my boyfriend, injured or fallen, on the front page of the paper.

    I pray that those pictures do not include any of the three fallen firefighters. Their families' last memory should be of their loved one at home, not some "news selling" photo of their last moments on earth.

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    NCFiremedic Guest


    Agreed, these pictures are not what needed to be displayed. I'm particularly upset over the picture of them doing CPR on a fallen brother!!!! I can't stand it when the bloodsucking media is around on a regular scene, but this somehow makes them even lower in my book!!

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    ceno2749 Guest


    NC Firemedic,
    I agree 110% with you. The CPR photo is totally inappropriate. Anything to sell a damn paper!!!

    May God Bless and put his hand on the fallen 3 and their friends, family, and their coworkers at this time!

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    EFDems841 Guest


    I agree with everyone's posts 1000% We had a rather large rescue-turned-into-recovery here January of 2000. A 5 y/o girl and her brother fell into an icy river. The brother was rescued right away, but the current swept his little sister away. It turned into the largest rescue effort in Massachustts history. Week long effort with depts/squads, etc from around the northeast and beyond participating. during the weekend, we had over 1,000 people out along the riverbanks all the support groups bringing coffee, food, warm clothing, etc. As you might have guessed...MEDIA FRENZY...There seemed like.. almost as much media crew coverage as tyhere were rescuers. And talk about getting in the way. I almost knocked one cameraman in the river by accident becuase he was right in the way when we were checking a diver after he got out of the water. Also, one local station had a lawsuit against the town and the PD due to "limited access to the scene" they felt they should've been allowed right down with us.
    As a side note, I work for a public access tv station and have gone to college for braodcasting. One of the reasons I'm not working at a "major network" station is the "get the story at any cost" mindset.
    Well, I've rambled on enough. Stay safe.

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    Neptune 33 Guest


    Unless you saw the actual copy of the daily news, you would have no idea just how big those pictures are......the CPR picture is almost half a page, you can read the writing on the fallen brothers made me sick to look at it.

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    ff21 Guest

    Thumbs down

    in my town we have a very good repetion with the tv news station
    but the local newspaperdoes get along with any emergency agency
    the law should say that the media should not be allowed on a scene until deemed safe bye the officer in charge so that pics l;ike these could never be taken
    just my two cents worth
    stay safe and have fun

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    Truckie5553 Guest


    Below is the copy of my post to the Daily News and their tasteless pictures used in covering the story. I urge everyone who took offense to this to let them know just how you feel. Lets let them know just how low and terrible it is to violate a family member just to get that "front page picture".

    I just want to voice my utter disgust with the reporters and whoever else did this story and decided in the pictures that was used to cover it. Showing a picture of a firefighter who is having CPR perform on them is a terrible selection and a degrading slap in the face to the FDNY and the families of those firefighters. That is a picture that no one should have to ever see, nor should it be posted for the entire world to see. Im sure if it was a family member of one of the reporters that they wouldnt have a damn camera shoved in their face or rolling off a roll of film trying to get that dramatic shot that would make the "front page shot" so to speak. If you ever had to deal with a matter such as this, you would see just how disgusting this really is!

    Captain James Collier
    McMahan Fire Rescue
    KCTCS Area 6 Instructor

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    GBordas Guest


    As a fireman, I saw nothing wrong with the pictures featured in the NY Daily News. I did not think it was a disgrace at all. What would you like to see, nice pictures of the members smiling?! It was a tragedy, what happened at that job out in Queens, and I think the pictures illustrated that fact!

    I don't understand why you guys are against the pictures; why you're appauled and think it was a disgrace. It was real life. It happened!

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    toneloc177 Guest


    the Daily news is an f-n rag, meant for the bunch of illeterate, uneducated ghetto trash that the city is made up of. pictures speak volumes - and that should say alot because have you ever actually read a D.N. paper? there are more pictures than words. It's a RAG! Sensation journalism! Blood and guts? put it on the front page . . .of a firefighter having CPR preformed on him while being wheeled on a stretcher where two firefighters have already died? FRONT PAGE! What a bunch of fukin scumbags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just what fellow firefighters and family members would like to see . . . really shows the 'despair' of the situation!

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    mark440 Guest

    Thumbs down

    I belive a picture illustrating a scene is ok. I do not agree with pictures of victims. Be it medical/trauma/fire. I do not agree with that and makes me sick.

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    AXMAN620 Guest




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    Captain Gonzo Guest


    It's one thing to print a photo of a fire scene or firefighters operating it. It's entirely over the line when they print photos of our brothers in what could be the final moments of their lives. It may sell newspapers...but it is also a poor example of what passes for journalism. Sensationalism is more like it.

    Freedom of the press is a constitutional right...but apparently knowing what is in good taste and appropriate is not.

    God bless the FDNY 3

    Firefighters: Today's heroes protecting everyone's tomorrows!
    Captain Gonzo

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    CaptKup4 Guest


    While I agree that the photo showing a firefighter having CPR performed on him is absolutely disgusting and should never, never be in a paper, let me say one thing. Reporters and editors, in general, have no clue what they are looking at when they see these scenes and pictures. The caption reads a firefighter being given oxygen. I don't believe that they have any idea what medical procedures are being performed on that firefighter. Do I believe that if they knew it was CPR that they wouldn't have printed it, I don't know. But, I don't think they knew what they printed.

    Captain Dave Kupfer
    Metro West FPD
    St. Louis County, MO

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    newasstchief Guest


    The first picture, I can deal with. Shows a brother tired, and worn down from the “job”. Lets people see how much a “job” takes out of us. Shows how dedicated we are to the “job” and to our brothers and sisters.

    The last picture, fine. A shot of the scene, brothers and sisters “going to work”.

    As for the two CPR shots, I’m searching for words here…disrespectful…disgusting …shameful…dishonorable.

    YES, I said two. The first, the photo of CPR on a brother on the stretcher. The second, “Firefighter is given oxygen at the scene of the five-alarm blaze”. That is not an oxygen mask. That is a “bag”. And the medic or firefighter in the left of the photo is not taking a set of vitals for rehab as the photo caption would lead you to believe. It looks to be chest compressions.

    It makes me sick that the paper would even consider printing these. It is bad enough that we see this, I just pray that this paper never falls into the hands of any family.

    I only wish that we never even had to have this thread. I wish we never had to see LODD.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of our fallen brothers.

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    Truckie5553 Guest


    Originally posted by GBordas:
    As a fireman, I saw nothing wrong with the pictures featured in the NY Daily News. I did not think it was a disgrace at all. What would you like to see, nice pictures of the members smiling?! It was a tragedy, what happened at that job out in Queens, and I think the pictures illustrated that fact!
    Im not going to turn this into a ****ing contest here. The basic fact is that these prints should have never been printed. You said that these pictures illustrated the fact that a tradegy had happened. So let me ask you this, put yourself in the shoes of those family members that was looking at their loved one in their final moment. Im sure that the children that lost their father on father's day of all things really feel good because they just lost their dad but it is ok to show the picture of CPR in progress, because after all it was a tragedy. That is ludicrious to even think something like that. If your child (if you have children) had to see a picture of you in the news paper after a tradegy happened and you made your final call, would you want them looking at a picture of their father with a tube down his throat, a bag valve mask on his face and a firefighter pumping on his chest trying to regain any life that God feels there needs to be....I would hope not! I really hope that you can think about the words that you have said in this post and then maybe you will see why those pictures are truely wrong.

    Captain James Collier
    McMahan Fire Rescue
    KCTCS Area 6 Instructor

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    hctrouble25 Guest


    Not only do these pictures show what scum the reporters and the paper are, but also shows me that they don't check out information. If they were not sure what was going on in the photo they should have asked before printing it. Anything to make a couple of bucks! What a disgrace to all of us. I also don't agree with them taking a close up of the other fire fighters who are rushing one of their own off to a an ambulance. It is apparent that they are very upset. That was most likely a private moment for them and the other fire fighters and the press of course disturbed it. I would never want my picture taken at a scene like this. I always try to avoid the cameras at any scene. Fire prevention, open houses, etc. I am happy to pose. But for pictures like these I get out of the way. The News needs to apologize to all of FDNY, the families, friends, and all fire fighters for this lack of good judgement.

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    ALSfirefighter Guest



    I'm not disagreeing with the fact that this was a tragic event, and that you would find any smiling faces on that scene. The photo of our brothers lined up against that wall, battered, and with the "look" that any of us who have been on scene when you've lost a firefighter knows. However, those pictures of our brothers, with the BVM's over their faces, and someone leaning on their chest, should not have been in there. If not for reality, but for the sake of their families. I wouldn't want an image like that burned into my wife's or my 7 year olds brain if that ever happens to me. They could have gotten plenty of other "real" photo's without exploiting dead professionals to sell papers, and attempt to win awards. When is the last time you saw a cop in a paper in a pose like that?

    FF'sSignfothr, I know what the caption read, but we do not rehab with BVM's, and the pictures were of injured firefighters, the ones that were mortally wounded.

    The above is my opinion only it doesn't reflect that of any dept/agency I work for, deal with, or am a member of.

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    GBordas Guest


    I see your point. I wasn't really in disagreement with you, I was mostly responding to what others had wrote. It seemed that others wanted to sugar coat the fact that we lost three members by not showing "nice pictures". The pictures didn't identify if they were the fallen brothers. Infact, there were fifty members injured at that job as well as cops and ems guys. I am not commending the NY Daily News for having published those photos but what else would you expect from that newspaper. In my earlier post I was commenting that the photographs showed the realism of what happened. I think that was what the newspaper was trying to acheive. Remember the Worcester Firemen that died? The newspapers and magazines featured pictures of the bodies being removed.

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    comwhite Guest


    I live in Florida where the D.Earnhardt autopsy photo's are being legally challenged. I also live near Gainesville, Florida where the student murders occurred. Everyone thinks it's appalling that the press would even consider printing these kinds of pictures, and who would want to look at them, YET it seems there were a lot of people lined up at the courthouse to views photo's of the students who were raped, tortured, and decapitated. I would bet the paper carrying Earnhardt photos would boost sales. And how many of you jumped on the link to view the photos of these fallen firefighters?

    I don't mean to be critical, but you can't scream Constitutional rights, and then condemn freedom of the press. Those papers wouldn't publish those photos if people didn't buy them.

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    ALSfirefighter Guest


    Bordas, my NY brother, I completely understand, I'm glad we both re-posted. I think the one pic where everyone is against the wall says it all. I didn't like those Worcester pictures either.
    I just think the whole thing for me revolves around the Pics with the BVM's being used. For the general public they probably don't and wouldn't have the impact that we each have.

    Com, I'm a USMC vet, and I never go for censorship, I and noone else said they shouldn't have the RIGHT to print those pictures, they should have had the DECENCY!!
    The fact is also that whether those pictures were in there or not, that paper would still sell, its one of the top grossing daily "tabloids" in the NYC area. I buy it everyday to read up on issues, the mayor, the yankees, and the crossword puzzle. So either way they'd make their money.

    The above is my opinion only and doesn't reflect that of any dept/agency I work for, deal with, or am a member of.

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