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    Unhappy Ambulance vs bicycle

    A man who dedicated many years of his life to the fire service, steps down from his position because some yahoo is riding a bike at 40 mph, and not watching what is in his path. My heart goes out to the firefighter and his family, and I wish them the best in working through this.

    Leading you when needed, following when asked, stnading beside you always.

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    You obviously missed the content of the incident. It was a bike race, you don't win a race by going slow. The ambulance driver misjudged the speed of the bike and cut in front of him.

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    Am I missing something? What story are we speaking of? A little info would be nice....

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    FireRebel (and others) Thsi if from a news story posted under the "More Headlines" section of the FH main page.
    Direct link to story here http://www.firehouse.com/news/2001/6/18_bike.html

    A sad situation for all involved.

    Take Care - Stay Safe

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    wow, imagine that . . . an accident. Isn't that what they call it? Accident? Not an 'on purpose'? Oh well, guess someones family is a hell of a lot richer now that he became a hood ornament on an ambulance . . .

    yes it's tradjic and a bit ironic . . . oh frekin well. life moves on!

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