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    Cool Class A Foam

    Am looking for any opinions regarding the use of class A foam (not CAFS) on structural fires. My dept. is looking at adding this resource to our rigs and would like to hear form the folks that have some experience with it. Would like to know how often you use it, when you use it, as well as any associated positives and negatives with it. Also, please include what type of department your with and what type of area you protect (urban/rural). Thanks for any responses. Lt. Platz

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    Use Class A on primary wagon for about 4 years now. Disadvantage is the cost. Advantage is I see fire put out with less water and for overhaul it is great. Just boost the % up and soak everthing down. Since Class A is for the most part a wetting agent it soaks into the class A material much better than water.
    We run everything from industrial/rural/urban.

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    We always us foam!!! The only question is class A or class B. My dept. is first out for 88 square miles of rural landscape. We have used foam for about 8 years now, and won't get a pumper with out it.

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    Foam is great stuff. It basically makes the water wetter and helps it cling to surfaces. It makes your water go furthur on a call. We have an inline eductor that has a suction tube you drop in a bucket of foam and run a line. We found that it works best with a selectable GPM nozzle. It does cost a little bit to use but when you need it you need it. We don't use it on all calls. If we have piles of rubish, clothing, paper, etc. it works great. We cover 100 sq. miles of rural farm land with pop. of about 2000. We carry 15 gallons of class A on our first run pumper and an additional 15 gallons on the tanker. We have 30 gallons of AFFF on our midi-pumper for car fires.

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