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    My department members seam to have a problem with wearing turnout gear on scenes. We are a vol. department. Our turnout gear is not kept with each firefighter, but rather on a van that is suppose to respond to fires so that everyone has thier gear on the scene. The problem is, if our first engine responds with two people and no-one gets the van, no gear. I would like input on this please. Also does anyone have any GOOD stories of where turnout gear has saved them injurie at a fire scene? Im not talking about an interior attack but just working the outside. Could I get your input, pros and cons of ALWAYS wearing turnout gear on EVERY scene? Thanks

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    Our gear is kept at the firehosue, but MANY people respond directly to the scene of car accidents with little or no protective equipment. To those of you who do are you benefiting your crew? We had a driver get his legs covered in concrete and lye. He suffered severe burns, and had layers of his skin scraped off. Turnout gear would have prevented this injury. You can't undo and injury, but you can prevent it. You aren't alone in this LT, we can't get people in turnout gear half the time either. Sometime ignorance is best resolved with a painful lesson. Just ask my driver.

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    Most of our members leave their gear at the station. If you show up on scene without gear you don't get to play and if you try you'll get your *** chewed by the Chief. If you're serious about safety the department has to set a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behaviour.

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    We keep our gear with us in our vehicles. The department bought those gear bags from Galls. If you go to the scene you will have your gear with you. If you go get a truck you can grab your bag out of your vehicle and put the gear on before you get in the truck.

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