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    I will be writing a paper next month for school, and I believe that as a Firefighter's wife I am a very supportive. How does your family support your career decision, or how would you like to see the supportive efforts increased? (If you are the spouse of a Firefighter, I would like to hear how you feel you are supportive). I chose to take the Level I Firefighting course to better understand why my husband is so passionate about his job. It has really helped me to understand what he does and why he does it.

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    Speaking as an individual who has a "high emotion" job as well as having a "high emotion" volunteer activity, I would say that my family is EXTREMELY supportive. I joined the fire service in 1982 as the second female firefighter ever to join and I also chose to pursue a career in the ministry as well as marry and raise children. None are easy jobs in and of themselves, but when combined, make for an interesting combination! My husband and I have been married 18 years now but I honestly believe that our longevity is due to the fact that he is an Army brat. He came into our relationship already understanding weird hours, cancelled events and sudden "emergencies". I really do not believe that our relationship would have endured if he had not already had that kind of background. Not only do I answer the pager tones at weird hours, but I also answer to Parishioners' calls for assistance at strange hours as well. That takes a dedication to the marriage and a willingness to place the relationship with each other behind the demands of the job and volunteering activities. I married one special guy. It helps that he is a strong person in his own right and pursues working at his own volunteer activities with the blind and visually challenged through Lions Club International. Our relationship has been maintained by constant "small breaks" and when we are with each other, we are with each other, heart and soul. No thinking about work or other activities is allowed and even discussion about he children is kept to a minimum, this way we concentrate solely on each other; our hopes, dreams, concerns and heartbreaks. Congratulations on being a supportive spouse to your husband; he can't do it without you.
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