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    Angry Hydrants for domestic water!

    Our Water works manager and Fire Chief tried to start a policy for hydrants being used for fires only. The Town council still lets groups of travel trailers and travelling amusement parks hook up to them for their own use. What do you think? I think it is asking for trouble. How about some ammo to fight this!!

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    In my community, anuone who wants to tap into the fire hydrants for a water supply must first get the permit from the Water Division of the Department of Public Works. A meter is attached to the hydrant and then the hydrant is charged by the water division.

    The party hooking into the hydrant has to pay the City for the amount of water used.

    Most of the people seeking hookups for temporary use are construction companies to fill their water tankers.

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    Thumbs down

    In my municipality, the only ones that can hook onto the hydrants are the municipalities that are part of the water authority and fire depts.

    We have even been issued warnings from the authority for using the hydrants for training.

    I personally don't believe that the public, contractors, etc should have access to hydrants.

    They don't shut them down properly, try to put adapters with pipe threads on and damage the hydrant, etc.


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    Tell the city council or mayor that they may use the hydrant if the user will pay for the water, permit, etc... ALSO, tell them to use the hydrant right by the mayor's house so that if the mayor or any of his RESPECTABLE neighbors are needing the hydrant to put out one of THEIR fires, they might understand that it would hinder firefighting operations if it were being used.

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    Who owns the hydrants? The town or a seperate water Authority. My employer doesn't allow anyone to use a hydrant except the FD. We will, on occassion, allow a contractor to fill up at our shop hydrant. We provide a meter and they must have a back flow proventor.

    I would suggest that your Chief start a file and document times and dates when this occurs. Have him send a letter to Town Council expressing concern and ask them:
    1. Who is responsible if a hydrant is damaged?
    2. Who is reponsible if these hydrants don't function properly in an emergency?
    3. Who takes responsibilty if a hydrant is rendered useless in an emergency if it is being used for a purpose it was not intended for?

    My belief is that hydrants are provided for a few reasons:
    1. Provide water supply to FD in an emergency.
    2. Fill FD apparatus tanks.
    3. Allow water co's to blow off air (in new installations).
    4. Allow water co's to flush lines (twice yearly, as required).
    5. Provide contractors (under direct supervision) the ability to fill tanks for site work.
    Other than that, the reasons you state shouldn't be allowed.

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    To answer one question, our municipality owns our water system.

    That being said, we as the FD can use any hydrant at our discretion (training, and obviously incidents). The only other group able to use our hydrants is our Public Works dept (or contractor under their direct supervision).

    The public using them?? Not unless they want a fine posted on their door!

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    Thanks for the replies. Maybe I should be more clear, The FD can use them for training also, not just fires. The town ownes the water system. They are the ones who get the workers to hook up these people.
    Where do you draw the line?

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    My senior year of high school the school built a lacross field. They had one of those trucks come in that sprays a water/grass seed mixture. Well, they hooked up to the hydrant at the front door to fill their tank. Then the fire alarm went off. The drop in water pressure inside the school building set the sprikler system detector went off. Which means the box alarm was transmitted to the fire department. Which means the guys on the truck had to answer to them.......

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    If they are paying for the water (permit & meter) then who cares. The garden hose off of the hydrant won't rob you of firefighting pressure. If you need to use the hydrant shut it down and remove the meter, then use it. It isn't going to take much time (no more than flushing it before use)
    Their are bigger fish to fry, don't sweat the small stuff.
    Stop the kids from opening hydrants, or landscapers from using the hydrants without permission.
    Just curious are you a city department or a district. If you are a district then the hydrants aren't yours anyway. Hydrants are used to flush the municipal system of rust and sediment, the fact that we can get water out of them for firefighting is just a nice feature.

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