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    Post apparatus lights

    Whats the best lighting for scene and work area, and can be telescopic mounted on our fast response rig. Is 12volt or 110 better?

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    110 will be the min. you want to go with. We have 12 volt lights on our main pumper and they do not put the light out you need. We have a 220 volt setup on our equipment truck and it will turn night to day. Don't waste your money on 12 volt. Something I have been researching are the small Honda generators with the 500watt floodlights. I see where they would come in handy where you couldn't get a truck with lights. Expense is also a problem. With 110/220 light you will need a generator. With 12 volt you have the power on your rig so I could see how that might be an option for some departments with limited budgets.

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    If you go for scene light go 110v.

    1500 watt lights. 5000 watt Gen set.

    As above this is expensive but you may have a gen set already you can use.

    Stay away from 12 volt if you can. Your electrical system is probably over taxed as it is. 12 volt for the most part is area lighting.

    If you want to light a scene go with 110.

    and you really don't have to spend a lot of money.

    For years we ran with a 3000 watt gen. and Dual head 500 watt tripod work lights and 500 single ground mounts, that you get from any lumber your or home center.

    As a matter of fact I still use these for interior and mobile lighting. They cost about $60.00 per set for the tripode and $10 for the ground mounts. The groud mounts also come with a clip to hang from a door way or rafter. As opposed to the $1000.00+ FIRE tripod. You know I don't even break a tear when one gets smashed. Just head to the home center and get another one.

    We even had the "cheap-o's" mounted to the four corners of our old rescue bus(since departed). Worked just fine.

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    Lots of different ways to debate this. I personally like 110. This automatically adds money to the purchase. We have 6kw hydralic generators on our pumpers. These work very well installed out of the way somewhere not using any cabinet space. They are very quiet not adding more noise to the scene. We have two 500 watt tripod lights on the rear of the truck. We really wanted a couple on the side of the truck but money held us back.
    We instead installed 3 12 v lights on each side. They do help beside the truck but do not help past 6 or8 feet away.

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