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    nomad1085 Guest

    Post What do you carry in your POV?

    For all the Vollies that may go to scene's with their POV's, what do you keep in it and where? If it is a pickup truck, how do you store it all? Tool bax, bed cover, cap?


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    EFDems841 Guest


    I have a 96 Jeep Cherokee, I store all my stuff in the cargo area. I carry my bunker gear in a "step in" bag. Since I'm an EMT also, I carry a jump kit and O2 kit with me. I also have a maglight and FD/ambulance pullover, traffic vest and forestry hard hat. I can usually get to the scene quicker than our rescue vehicle, especially if it's in the northern end of town. Our rescue is stationed in the southern end. I have a mobile radio and I carry a portable also.

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    AXMAN620 Guest


    I carry a trauma kit with a few front line drugs, i am a supervisor for my county, so i respond to scenes with volly. bls trucks, an O2/airway kit my rapelling and rescue gear with my irons.


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    james35 Guest


    Diddo with EFDems841. I go first to medical calls and the guys get the trucks. Jump Kit and O2 Kit is the name of the game.

    Lieutenant / Training Officer
    Olney - Walluski Fire District # 35 (Oregon)

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    Capt. Zada Guest


    Bunker Gear
    36" Halligan & small flat head axe
    Hydrant Wrench
    20 lb & 10 lb ABC Dry Chem extinguishers
    2-1/2 gal pressurized can in warm seasons
    mag light
    LED traffic batton
    orange traffic control flags
    traffic vest
    1/2 case fusees
    12 guage loaded with double ought (another traffic control device)
    2-1/2 x 1-1/2 gate wye (not sure why its in there)
    Rescue Wrench
    2 spanners
    box full of hand tools
    trauma box
    mobile & hand held two-way radios
    safety glasses
    extra gloves & jackets in winter
    roll of electric fence wire
    That is about all that the trunk of my car will hold and still maintain some order in the storage.

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    spo0k Guest


    My backpack with all my old books from medic school

    My cd's

    A coke or whatever I'm drinking at the time

    My family

    The bag from the wendys I had yesterday

    A sweatshirt in the trunk..

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    pfr172 Guest



    Do you drive a fire truck??? That is alot of stuff. How do you get away with carrying a 12 guage? Anyways, i carry my bunker gear and jumpkit in my truck.

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    WillB Guest


    I carry my turnout gear, basic med. kit, a few flares, tools etc. all in the tool box in the bed of my toyota pickup

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    firemed9 Guest


    I have a s-10 pickup with a tool box. I am usually one of the first on scene to calls, so I carry a bunch of stuff. I carry in the glove box a Haz Mat Guide, and NIOSH guide. Behind the seat i have a spare uniform and spare sweatshirt, a pair of bonoculars, and a flashlight. In the tool box I have my gear, hand tools, a box of latex gloves, a spare pair of firefighting gloves, a bls jumpkit, and a blanket. I also carry a portable and mobile radio.

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    jeg532 Guest


    i carry turnout gear and a radio, and i usely carry a 10 lb extenguisher. on softball nights, a 12 pack on ice sits in the back seat.

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    firecat1524 Guest


    I carry my spare turnout gear and an ems jump bag in the back of my Jeep.

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    Fire29_1999 Guest


    Some of you guys go a little over board don't you? We are not supposed to go to the scene unless we HAVE to drive past it to get to the station, but I do have a small basic jump kit,10lb dry chem, ax, pulaski,tow chain, roadside tri-angle reflecters, maglight, leather gloves, boots, hide-away strobes, mobile and portable radios and it is all kept in the toolbox of my fullsize 1999 GMC Sierra ext. cab 4x4.

    Stay safe

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    firefighter26 Guest


    I live about 1 block away from the station(In fact, all of our members live within 5 blocks of the station) so all I carry is my keys so that I can get in and get on a rig.

    Our chief has a little saying: "Lets take the big red trucks with the water to the fire this time."

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    FLAME5 Guest


    My 357 magnum of course (Hey I live in Texas.)
    Small hand tool, a flashlight, crowbar, and a small trama kit suited for bullet holes

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    NCFiremedic Guest


    Things I carry in my POV:
    1. Me
    2. Sometimes my wife
    3. Sometimes my dogs
    4. Groceries (Please excuse any spelling. Note the time, I'm dispatching tonight and have the A/C out chasing smells and bells)
    5. One set turnout gear behind the seat in the cab.
    6. The all powerful cellphone.
    7. At least a weeks worth of McDonalds, Burger King or Wendys empty drink cups.

    Running a code is easy.
    The hard part starts when you bringem back and have a 30-40 min transport

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    cfr3504 Guest


    I carry my turnout gear, a rather large BLS jumpbag, Mag Lite, ERG book (HazMat), Flares, thats pretty much the extent of the Fire Rescue stuff. I do have a Mobile Radio though, and our dept issues everyone portables, so I'd have it with me too.

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    CFD14 Guest


    Well now, Isn't this an interesting thread. Fire/ems related, I keep a basic trauma bag. All other gear needed for fire and ems we keep on the big yellow or red fire trucks and at the station.
    I drive a company pickup with a svc bed. So non-fire, work and farm related items include but not limited to: Hand tools, nuts, bolts, fittings, pins, clevis, receiver hitches, duct tape, .357 under the seat, gloves, two five lb. dry chem extinguishers, 18" chainsaw, sledge hammer, air conditioning gauges, emergency roadside triangles, pry bars, bottle jack, oil, antifreeze, WD40, other assorted aerosol chemicals, hand wipes, electrical terminal kit and tape, ice scraper (year around, I live in Kansas where the state motto should be 'ya never know') chains and boomers, come along, ohm meter, tool belt, tape measures, flash lights, two sets of rain gear, a couple of collapsible chairs, sweatshirt, coat, extra ball cap, maps, two sets of jumper cables, roll of trash bags, ear muffs, tarp straps, ratchet straps, pipe wrench, 12v trouble light and many other items to numerous to mention. Plus I have room for more. Do I use any of this at a fire scene? Rarely.

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    SFD-129-3 Guest


    why the heck not...........
    1. TOG
    2. 2-1/2 ABC
    3. EMT bag
    4. Flares in door pocket.
    5. Box o'gloves under seat.
    6. Survivor light on DC charger
    7. Glock 23 in the gc (if I shoot a perp, do I have to treat em?)

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    ff21 Guest


    hey all cool post
    in my truck 1988 gmc s-15
    1. me
    2 who ever is with me
    3in the tool box
    spare cloths
    4in the bed a shovel
    5 in the cab a small first aid kit (not a emt but you never know when i will have to treat my self)
    tool box all snapon hand tools im a automotive student
    hazmat guide
    kabar fighting knife(live in mountains of nc crazies up here run amoke all the time)

    in my dads truck 1994 blazer
    gear, med bag, tool box with hand tools
    gloves hazmat book him
    in console ruger 45
    stay safe and have fun

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    Looper Guest


    In my 1996 Dodge Ram (toolbox):
    Turn out gear
    Bolt cutters
    Set of small hand tools
    2.5lb dry chem
    Scene tape
    100' utility rope
    20' webbing
    Spare fire boots (rubber)
    Duct tape, duct tape, and more duct tape!
    Jumper cables

    Inside (extended cab):
    Large EMS jump bag w/ O2
    Extra rubber gloves
    Mobile radio
    Hand held radio
    Cell phone
    Map book
    .40 cal Pistol
    Extra night stick
    Disposable camera
    Rain gear
    Extra FD jackets, shirts & hat

    Since I'm a cop, I also carry the stuff that I put into my patrol car each night:
    D.O.T. hazmat guidebook
    SL-20 flashlight (takes place of night stick)
    Remington 870 shotgun
    Extra ammo (.40 cal / 12 ga.)
    Disaster wrench
    Gas mask (Scott AV200 face piece)

    If necessary, I can squeeze my wife and daughter in there also -- usually means a lot of rearranging!

    Also keep a 2.5 gal water can in the trunk of the patrol car.

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    pfr172 Guest


    Is this a gun collectors thread. many of you are able to legally carry a gun. I live in Texas, so thanks to G.W. Bush we can carry guns legally to protect ourselves.

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    fireeater650 Guest


    I have a BLS kit and o2, and I keep my TOG with me even though I live close to the station(you never know when youu are going to catch a call on the road), A good set of hand tools, a portable air tank, a battery booster pack, tie down straps, and a tow strap( all this mainly for my own use), the trusted mag light, a CB for hunting, a scanner cause I'm nosy, and the old dash laser. All that fits in my tool box of my truck, except my TOG, it rides in a waterproof bag in the bed.

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    chief462 Guest


    here is what i carry in a 91 s10 blazer:
    moble radio
    portable radio
    cell phone
    fire gear for my vol co.
    gearbag for local haz-mat team
    latex gloves
    small toolbox
    traffic vest
    response book (maps,lz cordinates,phone #s, preplans)

    my co.s sog's is to only let o.i.c. go directlly to the scene. so all other members only need there keys

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    Capt. Zada Guest


    Nothing illegal about a shotgun. A hand gun has to be registered. Besides you need to aim with a pistol. Double ought 12 guage only requires pointing. Shoot first, you may not get a second chance.

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    dalmation75 Guest


    I carry a 1000' of 5 inch in the bed of my truck and I am looking to install a skid unit with a booster line and tank.

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