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    wrongWAY Guest

    Question Will You Help Student With Project?

    A local student with a summer project in occupational studies has asked me to get your help. It's two parts:

    First; She is looking for firefighting lingo, jargon, terms, and acronyms that we use day in, day out.

    Example; line = hose, and RIT = Rapid Intervention Team

    Second; She is looking for firefighters to complete the sentence: "Never ........ "

    Example; "Never enter a building alone."

    Any good ones out there?

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    jeg532 Guest


    irons = tools - hit the hydrant = hook up to the hydrant -

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    Captain Gonzo Guest


    I would be glad to help!
    These terms are for the Northeast

    Bagger: a word describing an alarm of fire. A 2 bagger is a two alarm fire, a 4 bagger is four alarms, etc.

    Jake: a firefighter. this term came from the days of the first fire alarm boxes.
    The key used to open the box was shaped like the letter J, a firefighter was assigned the task of holding the j-key, this became Jake.

    Jake with a rake: a Jake with a rake is a firefighter with a drywall hook, pike pole, etc. If an officer says "I need a jake with a rake" he is requesting someone to come in and overhaul an area.

    Part 2 of the request...from Murphy's Laws of Firefighting...

    Never get on a hose line with anybody braver than you.

    Never forget that all of your equipment came from the lowest bidder!

    Firefighters: Today's heroes protecting everyone's tomorrows!
    Captain Gonzo

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    E229Lt Guest


    TAKE=BREAK, ex: take the door, take the glass


    ROAST=FIRE VICTIM (I know that's nasty)




    Now for part two:

    Never say Never.

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    postal79 Guest


    Hit = A call

    Worker= Actual fire

    Packed up = Wearing full scba

    Hat = helmet

    gloworm = haz mat person

    truckie = f/f from truck co.
    give me some more time to think and more will come

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    Firediver Guest


    Blue Canary= the police at a Haz Mat scene (from the canaries miners used to detect bad gas)

    Plug= not so nice term for an incompentent FF

    Part 2

    Never test a new recipe at the firestation

    Craig Walker

    stay low....stay safe....BUT GET YOU SOME!!!!

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    spo0k Guest


    Never let the nozzle touch the floor when there is anyone else near you

    Never let anyone convince you "the captain wants you over there, i'll hold the line for you while you go check it out"

    Never leave a building w/o your partner

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    NCFiremedic Guest


    Vomit Commando = EMS people (I R 1)
    Wheelchock = New Guy
    ART= Assumed Room Temp
    DRT= Dead Right There
    Big guns= Deck Gun/Portable monitor

    Never follow someone CRAZIER than you. (Officers are not crazier than you. They call it experience!!!!)

    Running a code is easy.
    The hard part starts when you bringem back and have a 30-40 min transport

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    XXLdogg Guest


    OFR = Out For Repair
    OOS = Out Of Service
    OML = On Medical Leave
    OPL = On Personal Leave
    CHAOS = Chief Has Arrived On Scene
    MFA = Malicious False Alarm
    UFA = Unintentional False Alarm
    GOA = Gone On Arrival
    "Stretch a line!" means advance a hoseline
    Probie or Newbie is a probationary firefighter
    "BOPPIE" is local term for probationary firefighter (BOP = Brother On Probation)

    Never team up with a firefighter named "BooBoo"

    Never believe it when they tell you that the dog don't bite!

    Never believe they'll pay you back next payday

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    eCappy Guest

    Thumbs up

    NEVER believe everything you hear!

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    E_man9RFD Guest


    Here are some from the Northeast and the Bluegrass (Not in any particular order) :

    Never eat more than your mask can hold.

    Never say, "good bye."

    Bucket= Helmet

    Far= Fire

    Fyah= Fire

    Far-truck= Engine

    Tankah= Tanker

    Knob/pipe= nozzle

    Job= Working fire (far/fyah)

    Plug= hydrant

    Lowry= portable hydrant- used in Boston.

    Choad= ingnorant firefighter.

    LDH= Large diameter hose

    Band aid= EMT or Medic

    Rig/Bus= Ambulance

    Bronx Bazooka= 2 and a half inch smooth bore nozzle

    Yankee= Transplanted New England Firefighter (guess who)

    Eng. Co. 9

    "In all of us there are heroes... speak to them and they will come forth."

    "In order for us to achieve all that is demanded of us, we must regard ourselves as greater than we are."

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    ggtruckie Guest


    "Job"=descibes a true incident not a false alarm. ie working house fire
    "throw the stick"=put the arial ladder up

    Never let go of the line or it will become someone elses.

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    CV639 Guest


    Big Stick=aerial ladder mounted to the truck

    Glow Worm=Haz-mat people

    SWAG=Superficial Wild *** Guess

    Crispy Critter=Burnt Victim

    Flag Pole= New guy,usually cause they stand back like a pole watching

    Puke Box=ambulance

    Frequent Flyer=someone who constantly calls on us

    DAD=Dead As Dirt

    Hook=Pike Pole

    Bat Belt= The "magic belt" every probie gets that has 50 million gadgets and do-dads on it "just incase" they need it

    Portable=portable radio that we carry

    Anchor=Fat guy on the boat

    RIT=Rapid Intervention Team

    Jump seat=seat on the back of the truck where the firefighters have air packs and things to get ready to go in with (aka pack seats)

    Part 2:

    NEVER leave your food unattended

    My Opinions are mine and mine alone. They don't reflect my departments or anyone on my department's opinions.

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    lumpy649 Guest


    CATCH HEAT- run a working fire

    CUT, PIN JOB- extrication, accident with entrapment

    MWF (meatball with feet)- Large patient

    SNOT-SLINGER- high-speed wreck

    ROMPER ROOM- slang for a crazy crew

    KNUCKLE DRAGGER- truck company firefighter

    INSURANCE-ITIS- A common medical condition suffered by a patient from a minor bumper-thumper accident that wants to go to the ER

    BOULEVARD JIMMY- pedestrian struck by a vehicle

    FLATBACKING- Getting some sleep, usually applies to a lazy person who sleeps excessively

    NEVER dish out what you can't take in return... goes for anything from pranks to rumors!

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    Jay19fire Guest


    CAFS- Compressed Air Foam System
    PPV- Positive Pressure Ventilation

    Location, extent

    Auxiliary appliances
    Special operations/concerns


    Never stand on or near a 5 inch hose when it is being dropped from the truck or when it is being charged!

    Never forget that you are human and that things can and will go wrong.

    Never look a victim in the eyes.


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    Never say Never in the fire service, because when you say it will never happen, it WILL..................

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    Neal_HP105 Guest


    Just a few come to mind:

    "LineJob"- Working Fire

    "Hook-up & Pump"- Reverse lay using soft suction at the hydrant

    "Feed the Stick"- Setting up the Ladder truck for tower operations

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    FDPappy Guest


    words for stuff:

    grinder is a car wreck
    taxpayer is a strip mall
    2 bells is a 2nd alarm
    3 bells is a 3rd alarm, etc...
    stick is an aerial ladder
    small ones are 1 1/2" attack lines
    "Show E2 out, one small one on an auto (fire)"

    Never let guys known as Charcoal Charley, Parking Lot Pete, or Sorround-n-Drown Sam take command of structure fires.

    Best quote I ever heard:
    "Somedays so-so is as good as it gets" Alan Brunacini, Chief, Phoenix Fire

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    LMfire Guest


    The most important thing we should always remember...

    We NEVER trade life for property!

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    Althea Forhan Guest



    Haligan Tool=big metal tool that's kinda like a crowbar-also pronounced "Hooligan" as in a Hooligan's favorite tool.

    Turnout Boy= a really obnoxious, arrogant, self-rightious kid bareley out of his rookie year on a neighboring dept. who wears his turnouts everywhere, even to the grocery store.

    The Twins= our two oldest captains who pal around a lot and are known to dress alike.See "Fossil"and "Dinosaur"

    To steal another's line-"Never let a victim's ghost say we didn't try"


    Nice to hear from you, Captain Gonzo!

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    Lewiston2Capt Guest


    With regard to the blue canary comment, I have heard them called blue/grey litmus paper, for the following reason:

    If the officer is at a haz mat scene first they are probably too close, that being said. If the officer is still standing the substance is not toxic. If the fusee hasn't lit anything then it probably isnt flammable, and if there is still paint on the car then the substance isn't corrosive.

    Fry Pie- See crispy critter.

    FDGB - Fall Down Go Boom.

    Never go in empty handed.

    P.S. Captain Gonzo, I thought the J key was the tool used in by fire brigades colonial america to take apart bedframes because they were the most expensive item in the house.

    Shawn M. Cecula
    Lewiston Fire Co. No. 2

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    FFTrainer Guest


    Dinosaur / Fossil: the guy milking it until retirement that is always against new equipment and/or new methods of doing things.

    Road Pizza: see Lumpy's "Boulevard Jimmy"

    Bus: Ambulance

    Twinkie Van: Bus tranporting a patient with an altered mental status.

    Twinkie Farm: Destination of the above.

    BRT - Big Red Truck (Fire Engine)

    SFD - Single Family Dwelling

    AFA - Activated Fire Alarm

    Hey Jay19Fire - that Wallace Was Hot thing, I see you're from Mendham -- sounds like a Jumpin' Jack saying........

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    Fire/Rescue43 Guest


    Here are a couple we use.

    Car-b-que - Vehicle fire.

    IC - Incident Commader

    Whacker - Member who is overly guho, goes on almost every call, carries more equipment that most appratus, blue light wider than car, etc.

    Pee Can - an Indian Back Pack Hand Pump Fire Extingusher.

    Pack or Air Pack - Self Contained Breathing Appratus (SCBA)

    Jaws - Hydraulic Rescue Tools

    Gear or Turnout Gear - Protective clothing, pants, coat, boots, gloves, hood, helmet.

    Never say you've seen it all.

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    CV639 Guest

    Thumbs up

    Just a few more I ve heard:

    Code=Cardiac Arrest

    Coptometer= see Blue Canary

    Men In Black= Coroners

    Meyer-n-Perfater call= (local law firm specializing in personal injury) The calls for minor fender benders that the people have so much neck and back pain they need to go to the ER.

    B.O.B= (Baby On Board)When you delivey a baby in the ambulance while en route.

    FUBARED= F*cked Up Beyond Any Recognization Except Dental

    Master Key= any forcible entry tool, esp. an axe.

    Mutual Aid= Where one department comes to anothes aid for manpower, equipment, etc.

    Knox Box= A box where the keys to enter a building are stored. Usually you have the "Knox Box" key on the truck to get access to the wad of keys kept inside.

    Tag-along= Ride-alongs on the ambulance

    "My Baby Looks Hot Tonight"= used to help keep the order straight when putting a KED on a wreck victim... My=Middle Baby=Bottom Looks=Legs Hot=Head Tonight=Top

    Thats about all I can think of for now!

    Stay Safe and Kick the Fire's A**

    My Opinions are mine and mine alone. They don't reflect my departments or anyone on my department's opinions.

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    Jay19fire Guest


    Hey me at because i would like to talk to you. Jack is my father and i am from Brookside Eng. Company #1. How do u know him? Where are you from? Please email me if u get this? thank you and sorry for cluttering up the post!


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