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    Question High Preasure Water Pumps

    I was wanting to know what departments use High preasure systems(700psi) for or why they do not and if they have found any advantages to them. Also I heard from someone that you could use water on electical fires if it was this high preasure type. I would appreciate any info on this subject.

    Thanks, D308

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    Well its been a while but heres what I remember:

    -high pressure is good for penetration(hay fires or to pressurize an attic)
    -It has a range of about 60feet
    -It says you can use it on electrical but I wouldnt try it.
    -It is a small manpower operation, two men can put it in service, A driver to set the pump and a nozzle man.
    -after the pump is set the operator can leave the pump(not good though!)To back up the nozzle man.
    -the nozzle (or gun) is easily handled by 1 person.
    -It operates at 700 to 850 psi and 1000 gallons of water will last with 1 gun about 14 minutes(give or take a few) thats at 70 gpm.
    -you can only supply this pump at 50psi max.(could rupture tank) High pressure is a piston pump and any incoming pressure does not effect outgoing pressure.
    -it does not give very good fog angle protection.
    -it has great penetration for vehicle fires and is great for deflection properties for indirect attack.
    I know theres more but thats all i can think of now.
    I think I have a book somewhere if you need more.
    Also there are still a few departments in my area that use high pressure.

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    Mediator, Thanks for the info. I do agree with the part about the electric sound dangerous. I belive that is the info I needed we would use them mainly for grass,hay, and some on vehicle fires. Anyway thanks for the info.

    Thanks D308

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    If any one else has used these pumps or systems please reply I would like to hear what everbody has to say.

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