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    Post FDNY apparatus question

    What is a squad consist of? Is it a supplement to their Rescues? Sorry if this has been asked before.

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    Go to www.nyfd.com they have anything and everything you ever wanted to know about FDNY there.

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    There are a few FDNY members on this board, and I'm sure one of them will help you out, but I can put my two cents in from what I know. A Squad in the FDNY is a company that can do any kind of work, wether it be Engine or Truck, and I believe they carry extrication tools.

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    neptune's got it right, squads are part of the special operations command(like the rescue cos and hazmat 1, etc) not a battalion. While they are first due to many 10-75s (working fires)in their area, they are also first due as an engine company on some box alarms. They are crosstrained in both engine or truck work and carry additional tools for this.

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