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    Talking Looking for Info on 4 man engine co. SOG

    Could really use some help from some people in the know. I am evaluating the benefit of going to a four man engine company, to be presented to the higher ups. I am in need of some SOG's, specific assingments for crew members, safety statistics.... etc. Whatever you guys may know of. I understand that FDNY, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, are very specific in their delegations, does anyone know much about them? What do smaller Departments do? Would really appreciate any help that you might be able to give, or roads that you might lead me down.

    Yours in the brotherhood

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    Good luck four is but a dream for us. Was not that many months ago there was talk in our department to going back to two.

    I heard Kansas City is going with four man crews. I do not know if this is true or not.

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    At full manning my full time department runs a four man Eng. We don't have any individual job assignments. Generally we work out who is going to do what at the scene. Usually the guy behind the officer has the tip and the other step will bring the tools and help advance the line.

    My part time dept. almost always has a 4 man crew and the Lt. will assign positions at the begining of the tour.

    A side note: The four man engine makes everything go better in comparison to a 3 man crew. The crew isn't beat up nearly as bad as a 3 man crew. The line advances easier and we are done and gone quicker.

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