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    Question College Campus Response Teams

    Is anyone aware of any colleges or universities in the US that operate volunteer organizations that assist campus safety professionals with medical and fire calls? I know that many schools do operate their own EMS, but how about first responders, such as EMTs or firefighters that would respond directly to the scene on campus? My college does have "student police" but I was hoping to start something similar that involved assisting campus police at medical and fire calls. Any input would be appreciated.

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    The University of Western Ontiario has a "Student Emergency Response Team" which is a group of students who act as first responders to medical emergencies. They also have and "Emergency Response Team" to help with such things as HAZMAT. The info can be found through http://www.uwo.ca/emerg The college is actually in Canada but they have some pretty good emergency plans laid out.

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    Some from New England:

    University of Rhode Island -- Kingston FD covers the campus, and is heavily staffed by the students.

    UMASS/Amherst -- Amherst FD protects the campus, and has a bunk in program for volunteer students.

    University of New Hampshire -- Durham FD has a station on campus, staffed heavily by students.

    University of Southern Maine -- University fire department heavily staffed by students.

    University of Vermont -- forgot the details, also has student firefighters.

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute -- On campus student EMS program, dispatched by WPI Police. Off campus, bunk-in program for Fire Protection Engineering majors at the Auburn FD West Station.

    University of Connecticut -- Oh yeah, UCONN is the only land grant college in New England without volunteer students in it's FD and/or EMS system (tinge of sarcasm from a UCONN alum here...),although they can volunteer for two adjacent combination departments, but they're not convient if your in on-campus housing (Parking s*cks at UConn).

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    Go check out cpvfd.org

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    I am looking for groups that respond on foot, bike or even POV. I know that many colleges do not have their own FD or EMS departments, so they rely on the city for coverage. However, their are many trained students on campus that may be beneficial in times of need. Often situations may be too large for 2 officers to handle, including fire alarms and medical calls. Students who have EMT training could assist at medical calls till BLS arrives, and students who have F/F training could assist campus police till the local FD arrives. Does anyone see this as a feasible idea? All types of input welcomed!

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    Penn State University has student's active in two areas on campus. They have student auxiliary police which supplement the full time officers. They are basically security guards that assist in traffic for games and do walking patrols at night in conjunction with the campus police (which is a police department not just a security service). (http://www.psu.edu/dept/police/)

    Students staff the campus ambulance service also. They are the primary BLS service for campus as well as staff events like football games. (http://www.psu.edu/dept/ems/)

    I am sure if you have any questions someone from either service can help you out.

    As for the fire dept, police services have a van used from minor incidents and for larger emergencies are supported by the Alpha Fire Co. The Alpha's are all-volunteer and have a strong student membership. However they are not directly affiliated with the university. (www.alphafire.com)
    Keep Safe!

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    I have heard second-hand that NC State University has student voluteer EMT's that respond via bike to medical calls.

    Kevin Sink
    Fair Grove Fire Dept.
    Thomasville, NC USA

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    Alfred University in upstate NY has a student run rescue squad. They run first response on all medical calls on campus and can be used as mutual aid for large incidents in town. The students respond on foot, in their POV, or in the squad owned car. You can try emailing them at rescuesquad@alfred.edu. I attempted to check out the new web page but it isnt working. I hope this helps.

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