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    Post Dateline on Fallen FDNY Brothers

    Just wondering what people thought of the Dateline episode that detailed the Father's Day explosion that killed 3 FDNY brothers. I had not seen it advertised and missed half of it. From what I saw, they gave a lot of information while still being respectful of the families.

    Here's a link to the story:

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    For me, The saddest thing was seeing the little boys crying at their father's funerals. My heart goes out to the families and all the FDNY Brothers.

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    You mean I missed it!? The Dateline website says Friday!!

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    I personally attended Brian Fahey's wake & funeral.I knew him from the Hempstead Fire Dept. My Father & Sister are still members there.I am an honorary member,having been a member there myself.They definitely did not portray to the public what kind of man Brian was. The media always tries to show how much of a brotherhood the FDNY is.The way the FDNY goes all out for their fallen brothers is amazing.I don't think the media will ever be able to portray it to the public though.The two days I spent attending the wake and funeral will live in my mind and heart forever.
    I should write a story and send it to the producers.

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    Thumbs up

    I thought it was very informative and respectful.

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    It was done in, suprisingly, good taste.

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