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    We are in the process of putting together new specs for a medium to heavy duty Rescue/Squad. We are replacing a 1982 GMC medium duty rescue that was purchased from E-one. We have it narrowed down to the following three or four. American Fire Rescue (AFR), Summitt, EVI, General. Does anyone have any of these in service, if so what are your thought on your trcuk. Any good or bad points. Would you select a different truck if you had the option. I am looking forward to your comments.

    Stay safe.

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    ARFF2/66, we have a 1997 rescue company built by Summit. It's on a Spartan chassis with an aluminum body, all roll up doors. The engine is a Cummins C8.3 and Allison trans. It has a Bauer 25 CFM compressor, 75 KW PTO driven generator, and 2 Wilbert light towers.

    As far as working with Summit, they're OK. A little slow but they don't have a very big shop. They seem to be more into rescue apparatus than pumpers and I don't think they do aerials at all.

    This truck doesn't roll out a lot. We carry all our extrication equip. on the first out pumpers. This truck is like the rolling tool box for everything else. Cost was a major factor in going with Summit. Most of our other apparatus are Seagraves.

    The light towers are great. PTO generator is the way to go for power. No problems out of the air compressor. I'm still not sold on roll up doors. The paint is starting to come off at the joints. Let me know if you want any other info. Stay Safe!

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    We have an ALF and we love it. It's a beautiful and very functional truck. We have the 148 raised roof with a 430 detroit and Allison auto trans. We have two rescue tools that can be operated at the same time. A 25kw generator with a 9000w wilburt light tower.
    We had some problems in the beginning but ALF busted there tails to make it right. It's done everything we wanted and more.

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