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    I along with the rest of the fraternity of firefighters were deeply saddened by the deaths of the three firemen in New York. Anytime a fireman is lost, I think it takes alot out of everyone no matter where you firefight. However I have another topic I want to pose. I am a volunteer fireman, and gladly put my hindparts on the line at every call I go to. As does every fireman/woman. However I have recently come across something that I find to be very disturbing. I was recently on Firefighter.com and read a number of line of duty death postings. In one specific example, three volunteer fireman were killed when the ceiling of a fully involved house fire fell on them. My question is why didn't these brave men recieve the same type of coverage as the New York firefighters did. Were their deaths not a tragedy? Even though we are volunteers we are still fireman. We put our butts on the line just the same as paid departments. So why when we die in the line of duty do we not recieve the same accolades and nationwide press coverage as paid departments. When we first join a department we (volunteers) swear to a solemn oath just the same as paid fire personnel do. Dont get me wrong I am taking nothing away from the New York firemen who bravely lost their lives, however I do believe, paid and volunteer alike, we are all firemen. We put our lives on the line everyday at every call we go to. The only difference is we (volunteers) do this for free. So if (GOD forbid)we do perish in our dangerous jobs, should'nt we all be honored just the same as firemen, paid and volunteer alike? Let me know what you think.

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    I agree - and I've wondered the same exact thing. I think firehouse.com does a wonderful job of honoring as many firefighters that have died LOD as they can but why do the volunteers that sacrafice their lives LOD seem to fade away after a few days and a quick newspaper article or two? And why don't volunteers who die LOD recieve as much national coverage? They are just as much a hero as any other firefighter that dies serving his fellow man.
    I think that Volunteer Firefighters the world over should be seen for what they are: Firefighters. We live and die just like the paid firefighters. We are all in the same boat - even if we aren't recieving a pay check.
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    My biggest problem with being a Volunteer Fireman is the word Volunteer.Some people forget that fact.What is expected from you in some departments is incredible.
    As for not gaining media coverage and the like.The New York City Fire Department as you know is the most known in the world.If the mayor of YOUR town was getting divorced and the like do you think that it would get the coverage that Giuliani is getting.
    The fact that small Volunteer dept's do not get the coverage for LODD's is because they are just that small Volunteer Dept's.Not to lessen the great sacrifice that those men gave but what do you expect?

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