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    Does anyone out there know any info. on the CarbonX hood??

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    I've got a carbon hood sitting on my desk right now. We're getting ready to redo our price agreement for hoods, and samples of the carbon hood were provided to us by several local vendors.

    One demonstration that the salesman will probably show you is that if you put direct flame on the carbon hood, it will last longer than a nomex or pbi hood. We did notice, though, that the carbon hood eventually becomes brittle and crumbles after exposure to direct flame.

    In my opinion, the carbon hood won't provide any more protection against steam than nomex or pbi. It seems that the vast majority of our face and neck burns are caused by steam, and these could probably be reduced by paying more attention to the basics (ventilate, stay low, etc.)

    Actually, if you look at the numbers, the double layer nomex hood performs the best. We're not going to go the carbon hood route, as its much more expensive (we've been told its in the $35 per hood range.)

    Hope this helps. If not, any of your local fire service vendors should be able to get you a hood, along with all of the technical stuff on it.

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    Yeah, but now for the important question:

    How will it perform as a snotrag and pooprag?

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    Will it wipe the fog off the inside of the truck's windows during the winter?

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