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    Default FIRE Act Grants - how confident are you in your reqest

    As the money grants for the FIRE Act monetary appropriation comes near, I was curious in how confident all of you are in your proposal. I know it was a huge process for some departments in my area - and more work than originally anticipated.

    Im also interested in how much time you spent on your proposal, what it was for, did you have any outside help in creating your request, etc.

    Those of you who did send in a request - best of luck to ya!
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    I would have to say our odds are 50/50. There are so many departments that need more than we do yet, I wonder how many even applied. I put our odds at 50/50 since we didn't ask for the moon. Less than $30K. And kept it all for fire ground safety.

    I worked several nights on ours. Had another chief look it over before we submitted it. I really didn't think it was so hard. Would have had it done sooner if I would have read the instructions.... go figure.

    Good Luck

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