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    Default 24 hr pay vs 16 hr?

    Our city is in the middle of changing our pay scale from a 16hr 28 day cycle to a 24hr 27 day cycle. And, no one here is happy with the change. Mostly due to no information from the brass or mayor. We cant get the same answer from anyone at city hall on how it will be impemented or will work. My question is has anyone been through this first hand. Do you know any thing GOOD or BAD. Anythhing would be helpful.

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    This sounds like a negotable item. You need to consult your labor attorney pronto.

    I didnt work out the calculations , but check on the hours to see that it is not violating FSLA hours and you may find that they willhave to pay you overtime.

    To me off the the top it seems like the number of hours extra for only 1 more day in the cycle doesnt match up.

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