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    Default Homebuilt Equipment

    Does anyone have any good working hoebuil equipment ideas to share?

    (Nozzles,Rescue,Foam or the stuff to make our jobs easy)

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    Hi Bjlf. Homebuilt items in the fire service, at least in my experience as a full timer and a volly, are thought up and developed as the need requires. As far as rescue goes, you have to be very careful that the equipt you use is certified. This generally wards off the liability monster. In our volly dept, for example, we have made some homemade drafting eqpt that is unique to our location that utilizes siphening and gravity, thus allowing our rural tankers to fill quicker at more locations. All the best. PEI Pat

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    Both of our brush trucks are entirely homebuilt, plus we have a few REALLY small things (strainer etc.) with purposebuilt mods
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