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    Default Electrical/neon sign fires in Lonestar Steak House Restaurants

    I have been to the same Lonestar Steak Restaurant 3 or 4 times for burning wiring in the roof or ceiling area. The wiring fed a neon sign. The most recent incident somebody saw fire from the roof at 2 AM or so and called by cell phone. A later report might have been a serious working fire. Anybody else have these restaurants in their area and having these problems? I was wondering if it is a local problem w/ this building or this is a common problem.

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    Sounds like a building code glitch or something. We have several here in our local area (first due or mutual aid area) and I haven't heard a peep about such.
    We had a Taco Bell with what sounds like a similar problem, but in their case, it was leaves that were collecting on the roof corners, and the high intensity lights were setting the leaves on fire.
    Just my thoughts.....
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