I attended the Texas State Association of Fire Fighter's 37th Biennial Convention in Irving,Texas. This was my first time attending a TSAFF convention. Today I had an opportunity to hear IAFF President Harold A. Schaitberger address the delegates and brothers and sisters at the convention.

Brother Schaitberger was uplifting and encouraging in his address to the convention. I feel comforted in knowing that the IAFF leadership is in touch with the members of the Texas Locals and affiliates.

I am a member of a small IAFF Local and feel the unity with IAFF administration. Safety and better working conditions for professional fire fighters is a on going battle for all of us.

I was happy to see the Clinton's leave the White House. I may not always agree with the democratic politics as is my right. But I feel unified with what Brother Schaitberger had to say and what he stands for in the IAFF.

I am proud to say I am a member of the IAFF and the TSAFF. United together, we can work for safety and better working conditions in our profession.


These comments and statements are mine and do not represent the organization I am affiliated with or IAFF Local 3358

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