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    Default John Deere Gator Fire Units

    our department faces many special event challenges each year, including college football games, concerts and the state fair. we are looking at testing some of the John Deere units that have a tank, pump and small amount of booster hose, can anybody provide me with some links to companies that make them? I have only found one to date (http://www.dcequip.com/fire_camen.htm) and it's pretty much what we're looking at but more companies woudl be helpful!

    Shevais M. Shrum
    Western Wake Fire Rescue

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    Our department has a John Deere Gator. Griffith Fire Department is located not too far from you in Winston-Salem N.C. Ours is used mainly as a brush support unit. Its a 6 wheel deisel with a 65 gallon tank and small pump. We've found it to be multi-functional and very useful on the fire scene. If you want to see a picture of how our is set up you can go to fire-ems.net and look up Griffith Fire Department in the North Carolina section. If you have any qustions, I'd be glad to answer them. E-mail me at jab1315@aol.com
    J. Adam Berry
    Deputy Chief
    Griffith Fire Department

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    Ok, we use a Gator at the landscaping company I work for and Jab, your Gator is the most bad-***** gator I have ever seen. Nice looking brush unit. I posted the photo here so people don't have to browse around and try and look for it.

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    hey all
    my dept does not use the gator we use the kawsaki mule
    we are building a skid unit in house for it
    we are just outside the asheville city limits we main use it as a responce rig for searches and brush fires but use it for the mountain state fair
    stay safe and have fun 2197
    ps email me if you hae any questions
    2197 10-8<br />stay safe have fun stay healthy<br />
    nc firefighter/emt-d

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