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    Default Where can I get books about firefighters?

    I went into the bookstore today, looking for "The Heart Behind the Hero" . They didn't have it, so I looked around the store for anything related to firefighting.

    Nada. No fire engine picture books. Not even a "How to Pass the Written Exam" book. The closest I came was in the autobiography section with "The Autobiography of Benjimen Franklin". I considered buying that and "The Federalist Papers", but opted to order them over the 'net when I order the book I went in looking for (Mongo and MetalMedic will apprieciate my taste, I'm sure).

    Question: where's the best source for books (other that text books and training guides) about firefighting, etc?
    Bryan Beall
    Silver City, Oklahoma USA

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    Hey Bryan, Amazon.com is pretty good. You can buy new and used books and can also read reviews from other readers. As far as offline stores, most book stores can order about any book you want. Hope this helps. Stay safe down at SCFD.

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    Shawn Clark
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    Have you tried the local public or university library. Last fall I was able to find several books at my library including Report from Engine Co. 82, Heart Behinds the Hero, etc. Most cities also have interlibrary loan. You just do an online search at the library for any topic and you'll get a list of items available statewide. Pick what you like from the closest sources and your local librarian will get them for you for free. (The checkout time is usually shorter on interlibrary loan, so read fast or only get a couple at a time). I have gotten some pretty obscure titles using this system. You should be able to get training manuals and everything.

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    FSP Books and Videos in Hudson Massachusetts has just about every fire/police/ems book that's out there. It's owned by Ira Hoffman, a paid on call firefighter, fire buff, photographer and member of the FDNY Fire Bell Club.

    Their web site is www.fire-police-ems.com

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    ‎"The education of a firefighter and the continued education of a firefighter is what makes "real" firefighters. Continuous skill development is the core of progressive firefighting. We learn by doing and doing it again and again, both on the training ground and the fireground."
    Lt. Ray McCormack, FDNY

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    There is a book store called fire fighter book store. It is in Sothern CA. I believe they are on the net. I also think Amazo buys their books from them. Check it out. The people are really nice too.

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