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    I have been really concidering starting my own business. I am being told I am crazy by people I know. I really have done a lot of thinking about it. I would like to buy 5 engines ( a strike team). I have been thinking about doing this in Nor California. My thoughts are contracting with the Feds, state and Insurance companies. I included insurance companies because in California there is a lot of homes in areas they dont belong. Is it moraly correct to charge people to prevent their homes / business from burning in a forest fire. I have been wondering what the ethics of that would be. The start up costs of this is VERY HUG 2 Mill. I am researching right now on government loans / grants. What is your thoughts on this? Is it right to do this kind of work and any ideas on how to start this would greatly be appricated too. Thanks Jim wildfire1@home.com

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    There are a whole bunch of private companies that contract with the Fed/State/local governments for fire protection. They provide equipment, personnel and other resources, in exchange for a fee. Almost all of the Air Tankers and Helicopters are privately owned.

    Many fire departments supplement their budgets by sending units to the big "project" fires.

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