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    Default Firefighters in the Northeast!!!

    Northeastern Firefighters did you get any good calls when those series of thunderstorms came rolling through in the afternoon on Friday Aug. 10? I know by 2pm all 20+ trucks in my department were out doing something. My station got several lighting strike calls, wires down, AFA's, we did mutual aid in a nieghboring town. While on that MA call we had one structure fire. Another station in my city went for MA at a church fire. Overall it was a crazy afternoon, but its all a part of the job right. So let me know if you got any interesting calls on the 10th.
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    Nothing much, really, in our neck of the woods. The excitement was on June 16th, when Allison roared through here, causing 10 to 15 foot floods. In the middle of all that, an apartment complex exploded (gas from clothes dryer hoses detatched by rising water) and burned.

    That was enough excitement for this year, thanks...
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    Last night the 13th was fun....had a guy try to drive over live wires and got his truck all tangled up in the wires...took GPU (energy company) quite a while to get him untangled. Then got back to the station...just sat down and get toned out for a kitchen fire....did some good damage to the wall, cabinets, etc. in the kitchen behind the stove and ruined the stove. Poor girl was just house sitting and now she has to tell the family that there is about $5000 damage to the home! All I know is I am very tired today - what a night!
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    Nothing much from the storm .... but that 5 or 6 day heat storm (with 95 to 100 degree heat and 95 percent humidity) before that cooling storm rolled through sure took it's toll on us. Did 3 things; 1. Drank Fluids, 2. Drank Fluids, and 3. Drank Fluids.

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    We had five calls all within a half hour. Nothing serious though, 3 AFA's, wires down and burning, and a Hazmat,

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    45 Minutes
    12 Wires & Trees Down
    1 Auto Accident (Tree fell ON a car traveling on a local road)
    2 Automatic Fire Alarms

    Nah, wasn't that busy

    Thompson, a couple towns north of us, had most companies fighting a structure fire when another house was hit by lightning. Words you don't want to hear over the scanner -- "Chief, be advised the mutual aid companies responding to the second fire can't find a way in that isn't blocked by downed trees..." Yep, had to cut their way into the scene of the second fire.

    Funny part is, normally where I work (in downtown Worcester) gets slammed...we got a light rain and distant thunder while CT got pummeled in parts.
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