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    Default personal escape line

    thinking about buying a personal escape system.i have looked @ the pmi system .are there better ones out there?also any good source of info.

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    Here's a simple, cheap and effective system taucht to me by some members of the Philadelphia Fire Department......It all fits within the large "bellows" style pockets found on most bunker pants. You need 60' of 9mm cord (tested at like 2000 pounds.....more than enough...) two beaners, and enough tube weave webbing to make yourself a good swiss seat. Begin by making the swiss seat, and attaching it to your bunker pants in some fashion that allows you to leave it attached....maybe a few stitches here and there, or velcro?? Next tie a figure 8 on a bite, and loop one of the beaners through the bite....Next take 3 or 4 wraps around the next beaner (which will also loop through the swiss seat)If and when the time comes to bail out, pull out the fist beaner....wrap a loop around one doorknob, then around the other doorknob, then shut the door!!! Or you can wrap a solid bed, or even a mattress in times of extreme haste...Also a halligan bar, or some other SOLID tool layed across a window frame. The other beaner, the one with the wraps, loops through the front of the swiss seat......attach it, and bail out the window as if you were rappelling.....I tried it once (with a tag line attached to a harness, mind you!!!) and it worked real well!!! Good luck.
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