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    XXXX if you deny that multiple cities have used Quints to cover the assignments of multiple pieces of apparatus w/ the staffing of one piece,

    OK< you say that is the way it is put up the proof list the places. WHO< WHAT< WHEN WHERE Is that your game make charges, claims etc and then not support them!

    One thing for sure, it wasn't any of the followng. St Louis? Richmond? Philly? Houston? Dade COunty? Syracuse, Miami? Orlando, Orange County CA? Charlotte? LA County? Fort Worth?

    xxx Furthermore, I don't care if you believe


    xxxx The point has been made to everyone else who has been reading this forum that the current trend is to buy apparatus that can do everything

    Well, back on point, can a well designed quint do everything? Can it be an engine or a ladder? In St Louis and Richmond it is asked to be one or the other by SOP never both at once. It is staffed to do one or the other.

    XXX so you can buy less apparatus,

    Possibly, but certainly not always. Syracuse has more rigs with quints as does Richmond than they had before quints.

    XXXX staff them with less firemen,

    Where????????????????????????????????????????????? ????

    LESS THAN WHAT???????????????????????????

    XXX save money,

    YOu don't save money buying a quint, they cost more.

    XXXX and expect the firemen to do twice the work with half the personnel.

    Where? Who, when? Some facts please.

    XXXX I have no problem with quints as long as you staff them with twice the manpower of a traditional single piece if or run them as an engine or a truck, not both.

    Why double staff? If yo run the as an engine or ladder? EXPLAIN THAT!

    XXXXcontinue on with your babbling,

    I've answered every question or at least replied to every post you've made, you hacve repeatedly ignored and or not responded. SO if you actually have any proof to support your claims than post it.

    XXXX but it comes down to the trend of expecting four firemen to do the job of eight.

    Where? What fire department with quints now has half the staffing? WHO?????

    XXXX Every single city you mentioned has used Quints as an excuse to cut the number of firemen.

    HOw many guys were on an engine in St LOuis before quints? How many NOw? How about Richmond? Did the Richmond city budget before quints offer closing two stations and laying off 50 people or didn't it? YES OR NO? Dade County's staffing is the same as it was 30 years a go per rig, Orlando, too. Fort Worth staffing is the same on engines or quints. The highest staffing on a rig in Philly is a quint. HOuston's staffing is the same on a quint as an engine or a ladder. So how mny times do you want me to prove you are a Liar???

    XXXXX I'm sure you'll come up with something to the contrary, but it's just not true.

    Then post some facts to prove your case. You can't!

    XXX everyone else on this forum knows differently.

    So maybe they can post differently, I listed the biggest quint users. Knock yourself out, prove otherwise.

    XXXX Do Quints kill firemen? No, the bureaucrats (you) kill them by using Quints as an excuse to use less manpower.

    PROOF PLEASE! Did HOuston loose two guys becausing staffing was down to three per rig or were there four guys per rig at their fatal fire? Look at the death rates, fat male firefighters die due to life style, speeding, and not wearing their gear.


    XXXXX We don't pick apparatus, the Commissioner and his sweet underlings do (mostly civilians and anti firefighting cronies like you).

    That sure makes sense, the buy the most expensive rigs that match what you already own. Yeah right. Are we suppposed to believe that. They have DFD involvement all over them.

    XXX A cop spec'd those out.

    He was so well versed that they match your old rigs to a T.

    Hey you ever going to stand up like a man and backup your claims that a reverse lay is quicker an equal to the rest of us in a forward lay????? Or are you going to run and hide on that too?

    XXXXX We are still understaffed by at least 120 fiefighting positions to allow 4 personnel on each apparatus.

    Looks like the fires are going out. The population is down 7% the fires down 20% seems to make sense to me. It works well so why fix it??? Maybe you could reduce companies and get staffing up.

    XXXX If they used quints as they want there would be a an almost 30% cut in staffing levels.


    XXX The trucks do carry water and a 1" red line that is used in rescue and exposure situations when the engine has not arrived yet.

    So adding a real supply bed would automatically cut staffig 33%, huh? NO

    XXXX The rescues have been performed on numerous occasions, the latest was 3-17-01, if not for that 1" red line the child would have perished (kudos Lt. Lauer and FF's Orzech and Riggs).

    So you support the idea of ladder trucks havig water, pumps and attack lines????

    SO where PA says quints kill firefighters you are saying they save lives. And can support yor claim with rel life info. Dateline NBC scoured HOuston's records to find that ladders beat engies on 7% of all fires ad in 1.5% of the time people died at those fires.

    XXXX The Mayor new all along the shortcomings were there, as did the commissioner and deputy commissioner. If

    So he forbid lube and oil filters on the rigs? Wouldn't let the chief layoff mechanics to buy paint. WOuldn't let hi over staffed shops turn a wrench. WOuln't let experienced welders weld the rigs??? NO ONE IS BUYING ALL OF THIS

    XXX These are civilians that were hired through the general city process not the fire department.

    And no one from the fire department supervises them??? IS THAT WHAT YOU"D HAVE US BELIEVE???

    XXXX I won't hold my breath until they come in thats for sure.

    See how little you know about your own FD, all the rigs are already in. And have been.

    XXXX You can blame the Fire Department Administration but not the firefighters,

    OK now yopu change your story, it is not how great the DFD is it is how great the firefighters are, not the captains and egineers just the line firefighters because the rest are liars, and screwing the firefighters. I see.

    XXXXwhich was basically what you originally stated.

    Yes it was

    So what is going to be the solution? Is it hopeless? Will things get better soonas the mayor leaves?

    Seems to be you've made the best possibel case for all apparatus having the ability pto pump water, throw a ladder, sustain a rescue or save a firefighter. Why wouldn't you want a do everything fire truck versus a single task ladder or tower??

    XXXX Philly's squrts DO meet NFPA ISO.

    Nice try saying they don't! YOur rigs were not built under the current 1901 so it doesn't apply to them. ISO is based onthe NFPA 1901 standard at the time. Do they count as ladder and ladder service companies? Yes they do. Are they quints? Yes they are. Pump, hose, ladder, aerial device, and water.

    xxxxx-They have one 28' ground ladder, and one 14' ground ladder.

    There is only a three ladder NFPA requirement and a 2 ladder ISO ladder/service requirement. And they get credit towards ISO ladder credit as well. Oh you left out the folding ladder by the way. Need some sources? ISO grading schedule.

    xxxx PFD doctrine utilizes them as Engine companies, they do not act as quints, ladders and/or engines, they are, simply stated, an engine company with an aerial waterway.

    Oh so they would never actually flow water out of the water way like a ladder truck or tower? BULL. They never use athe pump to supply the boom....quintish isn't it? They'd never throw a ground ladder? Force a door, use a generator or flood light, moke ejector, air pack, salvage cover, pike pole, spare air bottle, saw,or hand light? Dang there is the whole ladder service list. They'd never use any of that stuff????? BULL

    XXXX I was under the impression this whole argument was regarding quints with main ladders???

    Really cut and paste where you read that. Towers you know Snorkles don't have main ladders either. SOme tower ladders don't have useable ladder either. Still quints or ladders.

    XXXX I didnt count the quint at E78 simply for the fact that it wouldnt be there if federal funds hadnt purchased it,

    DO you know you FD is spending millions of federal CDBG dollars every year on apparatus? So I guess none of your turcks are yours. Gosh that is dumb of you!.

    xxxx and for the fact that it doesnt leave airport property!!! Not to mention the fact that it is not carried on the PFD's Structural Apparatus roster.

    They are PFD resources, available, staffed by PFD and guess what? Partially paid for by the city per FAA rules.

    Change the rules agian maybe it will work for you.

    xxxx Quints might and might not fit in your department.

    Yeah you wouldn't want a pump or water or attack lines on the laddr it might save lives like it does in Detroit. Your situation mught want you to wait for an egine before you save lives. Your situation might dictate a need to use 8 guys and to take 6 minutes to get a ladder pipe in operation versus a quints 90 seconds with two guys. You might only want 500 gpm out of your ladder pipe versus a quints 3000 to 5000 gpm potential. You might like showing up to buildigs with ground ladders to short to do the job. Heck, they'll eventually get there. You don't ever want to put yourself in the position of joe citizen this is about saving jobs not offering the best service.

    xxxx Study it carefully to make sure it's operable in all sections in which you respond

    If your current ladder will get there, you can certainly get a quint there. If your pumper currently gets there you can certainly get a quint there. Get your design right. Don't do a Detroit or Richmond, where the rigs almost fit the community, spec them right.

    xxx and if you can staff it as needed.

    Gee, didn't this guy just say administration controls those kinds of things? YOu don't control staffing, so buy the best multi-purpose rig you can. The same guys ****ing about staffing operate some of the most time and labor intensive apparatus on earth. 8 guys for a ladder pipe, reverse lay for a ladder pipe with small hose, etc. It is just stupid to pay mre and make it harder on yourself. Don't so like Detroit and buy three totally different makes and styles of ladders in the same year.

    Above all make a great pumper first, that has a great aerial device. If you can't load hose with the ladder bedded don't buy it. If you have to use a chute don't buy it. If you have to reduce hose bed capacity don't buy it. Don't do an LA COUnty and have to open 8 doors and remove a ground ladder to load hose. Don't give up your deck gun or guns. If you can't get a real compliment of ground ladders don't but the product. If the attack lines aren't numerous and easy to access don't acquire them, if you can't carry the same amount of water as you do now don't buy it. If it won't accelerate and brake the same as your ladders don't buy it. Buy a real ladder, one that will reach everything or at least match the long ladders you use now. Define your approach and departure angles and your turn needs make the builder meet them.

    There are plenty of great quints but a lot more poorly designed ones that have lousy SOPs behind them as well.

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    Hmmmmm...Funny....I have a copy of the 1999 1901 right here in front of me......

    Previously stated by Larry:

    xxxChapter 7 Quints: 1901 that defines the minimum requirements for this special vehicle. Some of those items are:
    -1,000 GPM pump
    -300 gallon water tank
    -40 cu. ft. of compartmentation
    -85ft of ground ladders
    -30 cu. ft. of storage for 2" or larger hose

    Hmmm..I guess he forgot this part:
    Section 7-3 Aerial Device:
    "The apparatus shall be equipped with an AERIAL LADDER or an ELEVATING PLATFORM with a permanently installed waterway that meets the requirements of chapter 18."

    Also stated by Larry:
    xxxOH, You own four according to the NFPA definition of a quint. Sorry you don't know your own fire department. Do I need to tell you which units?

    So originally we were discussing the NFPA definition of a quint.

    Again, by Larry:
    XXXX Philly's squrts DO meet NFPA ISO.

    Nice try saying they don't! YOur rigs were not built under the current 1901 so it doesn't apply to them. ISO is based onthe NFPA 1901 standard at the time. Do they count as ladder and ladder service companies? Yes they do. Are they quints? Yes they are. Pump, hose, ladder, aerial device, and water.

    xxxxx-They have one 28' ground ladder, and one 14' ground ladder.

    There is only a three ladder NFPA requirement and a 2 ladder ISO ladder/service requirement. And they get credit towards ISO ladder credit as well. Oh you left out the folding ladder by the way. Need some sources? ISO grading schedule.

    Funny....They are Year 2000 rigs....Is there a new NFPA 1901 since the 1999 edition?

    By Larry: xxxChange the rules agian maybe it will work for you.

    Practice what you preach Larry!!! When I proved you wrong about the Quints earlier, you pulled your "ISO" Ace card out of your sleeve-

    By Larry: XXXX Philly's squrts DO meet NFPA ISO.

    So, let's summarize:

    To meet NFPA (July 22, 1999) 1901, Chapter 7, Quint Fire Apparatus, the vehicle must have the following:

    -Aerial Ladder or Platform
    -300 gallons water
    -85' of ground ladders

    Hmmm Philly's 2000 ALF Squrts:
    -1000gpm...ok they meet that
    -Aerial ladder or platform... NO!!! Not only no, but HELL NO!!!!
    -85' of ground ladders: 28 + 14 + 8 = 50

    Oh wait...In Fallon, Nevada, the home of 1000 alarm brush fires: 28 + 14 + 8 = 775

    Therefore, in my opinion, the Philadelphia Squrts DO NOT meet the NFPA (July 22, 1999) 1901 requirements for Quint Fire Apparatus. Does anyone out there, besides Larry disagree with me??

    Oh, and still havn't told us about Fire-Rescue!! I want to hear the story from you!! Just in case the version I heard was wrong!!! But to you, everything I say is wrong, so go ahead....tell us, and prove me wrong yet again!!!

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    Here is the ISO list, does it or doesn't it fit?

    2 ladder ISO ladder/service requirement.

    Here. I'll read it for you: Ladders:
    10’ collapsible
    14’ extension

    The aerial device will be 50 feet.

    As you can see it is a ladder/service company.

    XXX When I proved you wrong about the Quints earlier, you pulled your "ISO" Ace card out of your sleeve-

    Oh really?

    It is highly unlikely a year 2000 delivered rig spec'd for delivery in 2000 would meet a standard not adopted til August 1999. Oh and you left out "1-4 Application.
    This standard is applicable to new fire apparatus contracted for on or after January 1, 20" You did not spec and receive this apparatus in that time frame sorry!

    Gee I wonder when the budget year starts? Jan, July or October? NOPE July 1-June 30, that means????? The rig couldn’t have showed up the month it hit the budget but was spec’d in July 6 months before the 1999 standard went into effect in Jan 2000.

    Of course we have Jack Wright photos dated 6-30-00 of the unit in service. Do you suppose you can order write the specs, get through the city, go to bid, open bids, award bids, have a preconstruction conference, make a custom chassis and, drive it to snorkel have the device installed and then add a body put it in service all within 6 months? NO, not really!

    xxxx Funny....They are Year 2000 rigs....Is there a new NFPA 1901 since the 1999 edition?

    AND you could at least be honest. All the Squrts are not 2000’s Philly official web pages says : Squrt 43 -- 2110 Market Street (Center City)
    1998 American La France/3-D 1500 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) Squrt. There are four (4) of this type. Also, there are two (2) additional Squrt --1993 Seagrave 1000 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) pumpers.

    Year 2000 huh??????

    But the ISO rules were set in 1980. There were not NFPA quint rules prior to 1999.

    I see you're still running from all the staffing cuts you claimed and deaths of firefighters by using quints. Seems funny doesn't it, Philly uses pumps on water tower but not on aerials and tpwer ladders that are also used as water towers. Can you say, Contradiction! Even broken Detroit knows water, pumps and hose should be on all rigs! IT SAVES LIVES.

    You left this out

    Chapter 6 Aerial Fire Apparatus
    6-1 General.
    If the apparatus is to function as an aerial fire apparatus, it shall meet the requirements of this chapter. If the apparatus is to function as a pumper with an aerial device, it shall meet all the requirements of Chapter 3 instead of Chapter 6.
    6-2 Aerial Device.
    The apparatus shall be equipped with an aerial ladder, elevating platform, or water tower that meets the requirements of Chapter 18.

    Do you see anything there about a ladder required????

    YOu also left out by choice:

    7-7.1 Ground Ladders.
    The quint shall carry a minimum of 85 ft (26 m) of ground ladders to include at least one extension ladder, one straight ladder equipped with roof hooks, and one attic ladder. All ground ladders carried on the apparatus shall meet the requirements of NFPA 1931, Standard on Design of and Design Verification Tests for Fire Department Ground Ladders.

    Yep three ground ladders, you go them, just bought the wrong length extension. It is still and NFPA quint and aerial. As well as ISO ladder/service and ladder company.

    Funny, you have the pump, water, hose, aerial device and because they bought three ladders that don't match NFPA you want out of the aerial/quint definition. A $200 dollar differnce in cost. It looks and smells like a quint and an aerial because it is! Get real!

    Oh you forgot this too: Nothing in this standard is intended to prevent the use of systems, methods, or devices of equivalent or superior quality, strength, fire resistance, effectiveness, durability, and safety in place of those prescribed by this standard, provided technical documentation is submitted to the authority having jurisdiction to demonstrate equivalency and the system, method, or device is approved for the intended purpose.

    So Phily decided a 28 foot ladder would be just as effective and possibly safer with their staffing in their application as a 35 footer. Why do you suppose they don't specify length anymore in NFPA for each ladder? So you the FD can determine what is effective in your town.

    I like your math though extension roof and attic ladders are required. I noticed now you are counting the attic ladder you said wasn't there.

    Attic ladders are 8 or 10 feet so 75 feet left.

    Foof ladders are 14 or 16 foot to fit a pumper body. that leaves say 64. No one makes a ladder that will fit a pumper body that is 64 or 62 feet. You could get a 35 or 40. Just because NFPA did the math doesn't make it right. The longest ISO roof ladder and still the longest commonly manufactured is 20 feet. So now we need a 58 foot ladder. See, still doesn't make sense, does it? Ok how about a 16 foot combo ladder versus an attic ladder and a 20 foot roof, still need a 48 foot four fly extension, not gonna happen or fit. See Philly chose a 28 ovr a 35. That portion of the srtandard does not make sense, of corse they probably did not see the standard prior to the publishing. They simply copied what they had before, right.

    [ 09-09-2001: Message edited by: blackb16 ]

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    Larry, you're not listening, are you? Here, I'll type it slowly for you ... you and the rest of your bureaucrats are cutting staffing, and risking/taking FF's lives by fixing numbers. Any real fireman knows that YOUR NUMBERS LIE. Hence, we won't find any published numbers that support the truth. Therefore, in your fantasy numbers world, you always win. Fortunately, the real firemen in the real world - the ones actually fighting the fires - know the real truth. So keep trying to kill us, and we'll keep fightin' the fires. In the meantime, you'll keep coming up with fixed numbers that are your "proof." Come with us Larry and join the real firemen. Maybe you'll learn something then about how things really work.

    You and Planet Earth Command have peaked my interest though. You w/ your idle threats, and Planet Earth Command with his were you asked to leave Fire-Rescue? If so, why? Please Larry tell us! Planet Earth Command - any theories? Oh no! Wait, Stop! Tumblin' Tumbleweed Larry is going to get his bureaucrats together and sue you! Look out!!!!

    Stay Safe, and don't kill anyone Larry!

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    xxxxxxxXXXX Any real fireman knows that YOUR NUMBERS LIE.

    And what numbers would those be????

    xxxxthe rest of your bureaucrats are cutting staffing,

    Well you better get used to it,There will always be someone over you. Your hate of the guys above will just screw you your entire career.

    xxxxx and risking/taking FF's lives

    Firefighters deaths are at an all time low. So what are you talking about. So are fires. Chiefs always risk firefighters lives, everytime they send and equip a crews to go inside. Get a clue bud. The data suggests you are very wrong.

    You continuely run from every matter of fact statement you make and can't support a single post with facts. Pretty typical with you though.

    xxx Hence, we won't find any published numbers that support the truth.

    A big conspiracy to kill firefighters. Let me see running over a guy backing up is the chief's fault and was hidden. A hlaf dozen heart attack recently are all because of quints, air planes and helicopters falling out of the sky are the chiefs, fault. You can't recall the last interior firefigher death due to anything but stupidity or heart attacks. GO ahead name one.

    xxxx You w/ your idle threats,

    Come on big boy buff get some balls and start talking, everyone will know your name before the weeks is out.

    Put up or shut up buff!! All talk no action.

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    hehehehehehehehehe....Boys I think we're starting to get to him!!!! Hey Larry......Those years you have, listed off Philly's official web site.....Did you bother to learn that Philadelphia classifies the year of their rigs by the year that the money to purchase it was appropriated??? Hence, an engine that may have been built and delivered in 2002 may be labeled as a 2000 for the city's purposes!!!

    xxxxCome on big boy buff get some balls and start talking, everyone will know your name
    before the weeks is out.

    Put up or shut up buff!! All talk no action.

    Well, Larry.....I have been asking YOU all this time to explain yourself, and you have constantly ignored the issue, or the few times you have addressed it, you have danced completely around it!!! So....why don't YOU get some BALLS and start talking!!! Why don't YOU explain to everyone what I already know!!!! Why don't you tell us?? Are you afraid of something?? Obviously this is a touchy subject for you!!! Have I struck a nerve??? So if you continue to dance around the issue, why dont you at least explain why you are doing so???

    Everyone may know my name by the week's end, but you know what??? I'd be willing to bet that they'd all have their checkbooks out to help me pay for an attorney to defend myself against the vicious ISOSLAYER!!!!!

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    xxxxx Did you bother to learn that Philadelphia classifies the year of their rigs by the year that the money to purchase it was appropriated??? Hence, an engine that may have been built and delivered in 2002 may be labeled as a 2000 for the city's purposes!!!

    Oh I see. The funds were appropriated no earltier than July 1 2000 because that is when the 2000 budget year began. The city took delivery and had the unit in service by
    June 30th 2000. Not bad get the rigs before the budget yeafr started. The followng link will show you Jack Wright photos dated and copyrighter to prove it.

    So the only conclusion, YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE LIAR.

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    Well Larry....All I have to say is contact the City of Philadelphia Department of Appropriations, at 215-686-1776. Ask for the vehicles section, and then for the sub section responsible for police & fire purchasing. Then perhaps you'll retract your statement calling me a liar. In the meantime, get a spine and tell us about Fire-Rescue Magazine!!! The more you avoid it, the more you dance around it...The more all these kind people will suspect ill of you...(Oh but wait.....They already think ill of you!!!!) What do you think, Folks???? I have only asked Larry no less than 5 or 6 times to explain the situation with Fire-Rescue Magazine.....I have either been ignored totally, or threatened with legal action. Well, he can only get me with his sharks if I say something out of context....Larry knows what happened....I (think) I know what happened....And if what happened IS what I understand to have happened, then that explains Larry's refusal to discuss the matter at all!!!!! I will say nothing further regarding the matter. These posts have only proven what we all have known time and time again....That Larry is a poor, poor looser. When someone challenges anything he has to say, he immediately launches into a tirade about how HE is RIGHT and the other person is WRONG and DAMN them for challenging the great ISOSLAYER!!!!

    Now, I admit, I have been childish this whole time, but you know what folks....It has been a ****load of fun getting under Larry's skin!!!! Think of all the times he has made all of us wretch with his tirades and rantings....Well, I for one had a grand time getting revenge!!! So HOW ABOUT IT LARRY????? HERE'S MY CHALLENGE TO YOU!!!! EXPLAIN THE SITUATION REGARDING FIRE-RESCUE!!! ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH??? DO YOU HAVE THE BALLS??? WILL YOU GET A SPINE??? Or will you just ignore the situation once again as you have all along; or dance around it by threatening to send your sharks after me???

    I am done folks.. I have presented evidence on my own behalf, even posted phone numbers for the City of Philadelphia for the Great one to call and confirm my "Lie." In a post earlier, I posted evidence that first we were discussing NFPA requirements, and then dummy pulled out his "ISO Ace Card" from his sleeve and changed the argument!!!! Well, I am done. No more from me. But my challenge to the great ISOSLAYER still stands....Prove me wrong yet again, Oh great one!!!

    PS- If you do send your sharks after me, Maybe Jim Page, Esq. can defend me??!!

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    Larry, I thought the last post was simple enough ... apparently not.

    It is a fact that firemen die. It is a fact that politicians and gov't officials cut staffing of fire departments, and using Quints is one way that they do it. They cover their tracks w/ numbers so you can't prove that their doing it. Call it a conspiracy, call it whatever you like. You said it yourself, staffing is the same for a Quint or an engine or a ladder. Well, when you replace an engine AND a ladder with ONE Quint ... I think we have a winner, Johnny!!! It ain't rocket science, but you and your firemen killing bureaucrats have made it out to be so no one can prove otherwise. The bottom line is, firemen are dying. Short staffing - partially due to the use of Quints - isn't part of the solution. So, if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. There you go Larry ... you're part of the problem. As for interior firemen dying from whatever the reason ... can you prove that it wasn't due to decreased staffing? Can you prove that it had nothing to do with it? Once again, part of the problem. Keep justifying your existence w/ fixed numbers so you can sleep at night. I'm laying it out on the table. I'm not running from anything. As for getting used to politicians and bureaucrats killing firemen ... (A)None of us should ever get used to that. We will never give up the fight. (B) I'm a volunteer (I thought we established that already?) therefore, the actions of the firemen killing bureaucrats have no effect at all what so ever on my career.

    Speaking of career ... are you going to tell us what happened to yours? If you don't tell the truth, can we sue you? Or maybe we'll sue you for killing firemen. How 'bout that?

    Stay Safe and don't kill anyone Larry

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    To the person who started this question. What type of area are you protecting? that is going to dictate what you NEED. What is your staffing like? That will dictate if you can utilize a quint to its max. Don't let the big city arguments influence your decision. The volunteer station I run with has a 1989 LTI 75', 1250gpm, 400gal., 1100' 4" supply line. We also have an engine and a Cascade, command post. We run with another station on all runs unless its mutual aid then it single station. In our local the quint runs frist out on all structural responses, the engine is first out on all others. The engine company has 2 engines. on average we get out quint out and they get their engine out. The other pieces usually come out reduced crew mainly for manpower.
    We have the engine either lay out or pick up the supply lin the quint laid at the hydrant and then their crew come forward and utilizes all tools off of our quint. It has 3 1 3/4" attack lines and 2 2 1/2 blitz lines. Plenty of water for residential and a good start on large commercial. It works for us and it might or might not work for you. You said you get 15 guys within the first 8 minutes, you could street th e quint and the engine easily. Unlike the big city staffing concerns that is plenty of manpower for the average residential fire. Our district is 60 % SFD's, 20% apt. complexes, 10% Rowhomes and projects, 10% commercial. We run first alarm mutual aid to all the surrounding towns with our quint. Our mutual aid system works great, we all back each other up. When you need manpower the system can get 50 guys in a hurry. Just remember spec the truck for your area, we did and I can't imagine riding a stick with no pump. It leaves you so many options upon arrival. Ours is 12 years old with no problems yet knock on wood, and when we replace it, it will be another quint with even more options.

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    Larry 98.5% of the people on this forum think you're an idiot. Dispute that stat!!!

    Where's a 1,000 alarm fire when you need one?

    Stay safe everyone! Even you Larry don't get a paper cut

    Never Forget 9-11-2001

    Stay safe out there!

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    PA Volunteer

    Funny thing, after all you posted about the Arlington County Virginia Union firefighters opposition to quints, guess what they took to the Pentagon? Yep a quint. Yep it had the same staffing as the their ladders and engines. Gee, you told all of us that quints reduce staffing.

    None of their guys died on it yet. It's ladder right now is up against the building. It doesn't appear they are afraid to use it. The tires haven't blown, it seems to stop and go just fine, it crossed lots of bridges to get here (most of which did not appear to collapse), none of the firefighters or officers have been seen running away from the fire truck, nor are any of the other departments mentbers.

    So do you suppose they took the quint because it was their newest, nicest, most capable piece? Or was it under duress, that they were forced to take the highly dangerous vehicle and risk their lives traversing the county roads?

    I guess their chief is just trying like you state to kill all the union firefighters off.

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    blackb16... Extreamly poor form!

    Alan Romania, CEP
    God bless America and those who stand with us
    God have mercy on those who stand against us.

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    I'll bet if Larry and his great Fallon Quints were in New York, the fires would have gone out!!!

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