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    Larry 98.5% of the people on this forum think you're an idiot. Dispute that stat!!!

    Where's a 1,000 alarm fire when you need one?

    Stay safe everyone! Even you Larry don't get a paper cut

    Never Forget 9-11-2001

    Stay safe out there!

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    Funny thing, after all you posted about the Arlington County Virginia Union firefighters opposition to quints, guess what they took to the Pentagon? Yep a quint. Yep it had the same staffing as the their ladders and engines. Gee, you told all of us that quints reduce staffing.

    None of their guys died on it yet. It's ladder right now is up against the building. It doesn't appear they are afraid to use it. The tires haven't blown, it seems to stop and go just fine, it crossed lots of bridges to get here (most of which did not appear to collapse), none of the firefighters or officers have been seen running away from the fire truck, nor are any of the other departments mentbers.

    So do you suppose they took the quint because it was their newest, nicest, most capable piece? Or was it under duress, that they were forced to take the highly dangerous vehicle and risk their lives traversing the county roads?

    I guess their chief is just trying like you state to kill all the union firefighters off.

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    blackb16... Extreamly poor form!

    Alan Romania, CEP
    God bless America and those who stand with us
    God have mercy on those who stand against us.

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    I'll bet if Larry and his great Fallon Quints were in New York, the fires would have gone out!!!

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