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    Default There will come a day ~ by Faith Hill

    I know this isn't fire related but as i worked at my computer today and had her 'breathe' cd playing, i was stopped in my tracks. (I know all rights are reserved, blah blah, but i am writing out the lyrics anyway)...
    It's not easy trying to understand
    How the world can be so cold
    Stealing the souls of man
    Cloudy skies rain down on all your dreams
    You wrestle with the fear and doubts
    Sometimes it's hard, but you gotta to believe

    There's another place where our Father waits
    And every tear He'll wipe away
    The darkness will be gone
    The weak sahll be strong
    Hold on to your faith
    There will come a day
    There will come a day

    Wars are raging
    Lives are scattered
    Innocence is lost
    Hopes are shattered
    The old are forgotten
    Children are forsaken
    In this world we're living in is there anything sacred


    The song will ring out down those golden streets
    The voices of Earth with the angels will sing (Hallelujah)
    Every knee will bow
    Sin will have no trace
    Of His amazing grace
    Every knee will bow
    Sin will have no trace
    In the glory of His amazing grace

    There will come a day
    There will come a day
    Oh, there will come a day
    I know there's coming a day, coming a day

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    wow....each time i read something new it brings tears..... Great job... Please give my best to Chief Bird... I know he is probably stressed over this.. He is a fine man.

    I love him...and respect him a great deal
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    Music is such an emotional thing. So many songs have a new meaning for me now. Several times each day, since 9-11, I find myself in tears as I listen to the words of songs that I already loved, but from now on, will have more meaning. I know that ten years from now, as I listen to "One More Day" or "When You Come Back to Me Again", the memories will come flooding back.

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