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    Ok here we go.When I first became a firefighter I learned from Dennis Smith in his book and from those that took me under their wing when I was a cadet that we as firefighters are brothers.Granted we fight yes but we all do the same thing here.Some are truckies some are rescue and some are hosepullers(all right all right engine guys had to have a little humor here )
    But in the past few days I have seen brothers that are distant become closer,and seen some become spiteful and hateful.My question is why?Who made these people so self righteous to come in and start bashing the FDNY?or any other department for that matter?
    To those that have stood for courage and been there for our brothers and sisters in this timer of need I congratulate you all.Some have gone to ground zero and stood side by side with memebers of the FDNY.The sight of firefighters from across the nation,full time and vollies side by side all doing the job of rescue.Makes all those nasty comments in the other forums kind of petty to me now.I wonder how many of those guys are on here?I wonder if any of them ever had a disagreement?I wonder if anyone else realizes that when the chips are down it doesnt matter?
    I have defended some and chastised others here and if I have offended any I am sorry.But I will not stand for somethings in life.The firefighters in Miami are still a sore spot.In this time they politicised this whole mess.Why?To get face time like quall said.Probably but who knows.I have seen Muslims,Jews,Catholics,and Praotastants along with other religions stand side by side at memorials and wave flags.I saw a Muslim cleric embrace a Orthodox priest.Why cant we?
    I know we all have our own opinions and all but sometimes we need to come together and bury the hatchet(no not in each others heads)
    Now we have had a few threads closed because of some people,and yes they needed to be.The question is why,and I will answer it.It is because these people are cowards.They love the computer forum because they can hide behind it and not show their faces to us.Do you honestly think that any of these people in public would spout their hate if they knew they would be challenged?I dont.
    I have no fear in stating my points here becuse I am not trying to make anyone mad,just telling everyone how I feel.Sorry if this is so long but I needed to vent a little(typical truckie).
    By the way my name is Todd.I am 30 and a firefighter in the town of Milan.So much for hiding in shadows.

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    It's hard not to have strong emotions in a time like this. We just need to make sure we channel our energy into something positive and learn to not sweat the small stuff. I let my temper get the best of me with a certain forum member. My mistake. I don't want to do anything to disrespect the fallen. They gave their lives without consideration for themselves to save others. Hopefully, we can all come away from this tragedy with a stronger brotherhood and sisterhood as a result.

    Never Forget 9-11-2001

    Stay safe out there!

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    Pretty smart words, for a truckie

    And with that, please note my updated profile. Nothing to hide here either.


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    Well said truckie. I hope that we all can take something from your statement.
    Shawn M. Cecula
    IACOJ Division of Fire and EMS

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