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    Default secondary searches

    i am new to the fire service and am in need of an answer. my job in the usmc deals with aircraft, so this is alittle information is kind of hazy...

    a secondary search is to be conducted once all fire has been put out?(sigal story concrete structure) right or worng?

    and when you do conduct your search, do you have to have a handline go in with you, or can you use a 20lbs halon bottle?

    thanks for your help

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    A secondary seach is usually done when the fire is knocked down and the overhaul phase has begun. A crew of firefighters go back and search every room.

    You would have a handline in the area to extinguish hot spots.
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    [i]a secondary search is to be conducted once all fire has been put out[i]

    All? No.

    But the fire should no longer be a threat -- like Cap said, in overhaul. Maybe a little sooner if the fire is remote & well vented.

    A primary search is a fairly quick search done in poor conditions to find live victims. Depending on the fire and situation, you may even have multiple primary search sweeps.

    A secondary search is a thorough search for any victims, conducted once smoke conditions allow a complete visual inspection.

    While not desireable, it is understandable* if you miss a victim during a primary search. Never, ever miss one on a secondary.

    * Understandable **if** you conducted the best primary search conditions allowed -- crawling through a room isn't sufficient. Get your hands and tools everywhere and do it in a pattern so you don't accidentally miss an easy "find."
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